‘182km bullet hit’ walk → walk → home run → hit…Ohtani made two RBIs, but his team came from behind to lose

Ohtani started as the No. 1 designated hitter in the home game against the Los Angeles Angels in the 2024 Major League Baseball at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time), and played 2 hits, 2 RBIs, 2 walks and 1 run in 2 at-bats, including a two-run home run.

He has had hits in six consecutive games, continuing his batting performance. During the period, he had 12 hits and three homers and posted 11 RBIs. Ohtani’s batting average for this season increased from 318 to 322. Despite Ohtani’s first two-run game, the Dodgers lost 2-3 come-from-behind loss.

On this day, the Dodgers set up batting order in the order of Shohei Ohtani (designated hitter), Teoscar Hernandez (right fielder), Freddie Freeman (first baseman), Andy Farz (center fielder), Miguel Rojas (striker), Miguel Vargas (left fielder), Kique Hernandez (third baseman), Chris Taylor (second baseman), and Austin Barnes (catcher).

Ohtani drew a walk at his first at bat in the first inning. He picked a slider at the sixth pitch that slightly fell below the strike zone in a full-count match with Angels left-hander Patrick Sandoval. 토토사이트 추천

He also drew a walk at bat for the second time in the third inning. The game was full count with runners on the first and one out. Sandoval’s seventh sinker came in high at Ohtani’s body. In the process, Sandoval was replaced by an injury. He complained of pain in his left hand during the pitching process.

Ohtani went out and became the first and second base with one out, but Hernandez struck out swinging and Freeman hit a ground ball toward the second base, and the Dodgers failed to score.

In the fifth inning, when his team was tying 0-0, Barnes had a hit and Ohtani hit a two-run homer over the center fence by hitting the third four-seam by Angels left-hander Matt Moore with two outs and a runner on the first base.

His batting speed is 113.1 miles per hour (about 182 kilometers). Literally, his “bullet ball” flew 455 feet (about 138.6 meters). Ohtani’s 22nd homer of this season. He also hit a homer in an away game against the Colorado Rockies on Sunday.

Ohtani made an infield hit in the eighth inning with one out and no runners. Hernandez, who was at the next at-bat, struck out, and Ohtani tried to steal a base during Freeman’s at-bat, but failed.

The Dodgers scored the first run through Ohtani’s two-run shot on the day, but allowed it to tie the game 2-2 at the top of the sixth inning. The Dodgers could not decide whether it would win or lose until the ninth inning.

In the top of the 10th inning, Ryu threw a bunt to send to second base with no outs, and the Dodgers was on the verge of hitting third base with one out, and blocked Renjipo with a ground ball to second base, before dedicating a timely hit to Ward.

He finished the inning without additional runs, but Hayward hit a ground ball toward the shortstop with no outs and second base in the bottom of the 10th inning, trailing 2-3, and became a third base with one out. The game ended when Kiké Hernandez struck out swinging and Gavin Lux also struck out swinging.

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