‘Banned Drug Controversy’ Pogba Virtually Ends Career… Anti-Doping Agency Requests Four-Year Suspension

Italy’s “Tutosport” reported on the 7th (Korea Standard Time) that “an anti-doping agency has completed the process of investigating banned drugs against Pogba and has requested a suspension for four years for this.” 스포츠토토

Currently, Pogba is mired in controversy over the use of banned substances. The problem was the hormone testosterone. Testosterone, a hormone that temporarily boosts athletic performance when administered, is a substance that is banned by anti-doping agencies. If Pogba fails to prove that he did not inject the hormone intentionally through doping tests, he could be suspended for two to four years due to FIFA’s anti-doping regulations.

In response, Pogba expressed his frustration, but the subsequent backup analysis also showed positive results, which has effectively made him more likely to be disciplined. Italian Football Italia said, “Pogba currently has two options. He either acknowledges his responsibility under the anti-doping rule and receives a two-year ban, which is halved, or is tried at the Anti-Doping Sports Tribunal at all risks. In the former case, he cannot appeal, but in the latter case, he can appeal to the Sports Arbitration Court.”

“The anti-doping investigator is still investigating Pogba and could be referred within the next 10 days. From that day on, Pogba can accept his responsibility within 20 days, accept disciplinary action, or choose a trial. The trial will be decided within 40 days,” he added.

And the anti-doping agency’s investigation has been completed. The anti-doping agency’s investigation has reportedly tested positive for a new substance, not a positive testosterone. Tutosport reported, “The substance that Pogba tested positive is dihydroepiandroosterone, also known as the ‘youth hormone’. This substance is the most commonly found steroid hormone in the human body and is typically included in numerous anti-aging and muscle-enhancing products.”

He added, “After the anti-doping agency’s investigation was completed, we asked Pogba to suspend him for four years after accurate verification. Now we have to wait and see how Pogba’s defense measures will develop.”

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