Beyond the “reverse export myth,” Pedi goes beyond ML’s best trade “blue chip” to soaring stock prices, this time in St. Louis? “Optional to choose”

Beyond another myth of reverse export by the KBO, the company is now emerging as the best trade “blue chip” in the Major League Baseball (MLB). The stock price of Eric Peddy (Chicago White Sox) is soaring to its peak. 스포츠토토사이트

The U.S. Sports Illustrated (SI) cited the St. Louis Cardinals, where Kim Kwang-hyun (SSG) played in the past, as the team that could be Pedi’s destination on the 14th. The media outlet said, “If St. Louis really wants to win, it needs to bring another starting pitcher to the trade,” and explained, “Pedi is an option that St. Louis can choose until the trade deadline.”

He is struggling as the ace of the Chicago White Sox, one of the worst teams in this season. He has four wins and one loss with a 3.10 ERA in 14 games. He also has excellent detailed indicators such as WHIP 1.16 and WHIP 0.228. His team’s strength was so weak that he often missed out on wins even though he pitched well.

Peddy won the regular league MVP last year with a 20-6 record with a 2.00 ERA with 209 strikeouts, tying for the pitcher’s triple crown. He then signed with the White Sox for two years and $15 million after the season.

The White Sox are overwhelmingly at the bottom of the standings with 18 wins and 52 losses and a winning percentage of 0.257. Not to mention the postseason, they also have a very long way to go. For this reason, most people predict that they will give up the season early and actively engage in trade. It is natural that Feddy, who is struggling as the ace player in his team, is the No. 1 trade player.

Indeed, there is much interest in him. The Athletic cited eight teams that can target Peddy on Monday along with the St. Louis Cardinals, Minnesota Twins, Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers and San Diego Padres. All of them are teams that seek to advance to the postseason, and they absolutely need a good starting pitcher.

The SI team particularly picked the St. Louis Cardinals last year. “St. Louis Cardinals’ starting lineup is better than last year, but there are still things that need to be strengthened,” SI said. “Peddy gave up 214 walks while striking out 419 with 25 wins and 34 losses, 5.04 ERA, 0.247 ERA, and 1.47 WHIP over the past seven seasons in the Major League. Trade can be a gamble due to poor performance, but he modified his weapon (swiper) in Korea last year and has gotten better since then.”

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