Both son and son-in-law entered ML together…Is there a happier father and father-in-law in Korea than Lee Jong-beom

It is a great pleasure for former coach Lee Jong-beom. The first history of Korean baseball has been achieved, with both his son and son-in-law advancing to the U.S. Major League Baseball stage. At this point, I wonder if there is a happier father and father-in-law than Lee Jong-beom in Korea.

Lee Jong-beom spent a whole season as LG Twins’ first base operation coach in the 2023 season. Lee, who helped his team win the title for the first time in 29 years, was deeply moved by his team’s victory. Lee joined his team for Major League training after the end of the 2023 season. The move was also related to his son Lee Jung-hoo’s move to the Major League. He also sought to study baseball with greater ambition in the future along with Lee’s support.

In addition, not only his son Lee Jung-hoo but also his son-in-law Ko Woo-seok challenged the Major League stage this winter, so Lee Jong-beom was able to have a double slope with his major leaguer son and son-in-law as a father and father-in-law.

Both Lee Jung-hoo and Ko Woo-suk sought to advance to the U.S. through the MLB posting system. The KBO said on Dec. 5 that it had informed the MLB Secretariat of its intention to post Lee Jung-hoo (Kium) and Ko Woo-suk (LG) to 30 MLB clubs as of Dec. 4.

Lee Jung-hoo first announced the signing of the deal, drawing keen attention from several major league teams. Lee Jung-hoo teamed up with San Francisco to sign a six-year, mega-hit deal worth a total of $113 million (W146.9 billion). 에볼루션 바카라사이트

After joining the San Francisco Giants, Lee said, “I am so happy to be on the stage that I dreamed of since I was an elementary school student. Now that I have achieved my first goal, I want to go there and do well. After receiving San Francisco’s first offer, I had mixed feelings. There was a lot of pressure, but the most memorable moment was that my agent told me, “Don’t feel too much pressure because I got compensation for playing baseball since I was a kid.” It is an honor to join a prestigious Major League club,” in expressing his feelings about joining the club.

Regarding his bid to advance to the Major League together with Ko, Lee said with a smile, “After the San Francisco contract, I got a call saying congratulations to (the late) Woo. In fact, we talked more about his nephew than about the posting contract.”

In fact, the outlook for Ko was not easy. Ko failed to announce much of the news until the posting deadline on January 4 (Korea time). It was difficult to find any news about Ko in the local media. Eventually, it seemed that he had to stay at LG and try to enter the Major League as a free agent after the 2024 season.

However, a major twist occurred. According to John Heyman, a local reporter for the New York Post and Major League Baseball’s network media, Ko and the San Diego Padres are reportedly close to signing a contract. If he signs a contract with the San Diego Padres, Ko will be sharing a team with another Korean Major Leaguer, infielder Kim Ha-sung.

San Diego was an unexpected club because there was a strong link between the St. Louis Cardinals and Ko Woo-suk from the beginning of the posting negotiations. The LG club also allowed Ko Woo-suk to transfer to posting on a grand scale, even though the posting transfer fee was relatively less than expected.

“Go received an offer from a Major League club recently according to the posting process, and the club has decided to send the offer to a Major League team that has been sent out in respect of the player’s will. Go left for the U.S. to proceed with his contract including a medical test,” LG said in an official announcement on Jan. 3.

If Ko concludes negotiations with medical tests, it will create an unusual scene where his brother-in-law and brother-in-law can join the Major League together with Lee Jung-hoo. For coach Lee Jong-beom, who wants to take care of his son and study baseball, a situation has been created in which his son-in-law can stay in the U.S. together. Is there a happier father-in-law and father-in-law in Korea than Lee, who can boast that his son and son are major leaguers? Coach Lee Jong-beom, who even recently saw his grandson, continues to be happy day by day.

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