Director Trusier responded head-on to Vietnamese media criticism…”When Coach Park Hang-seo was in the World Cup qualifying round, he lost eight times!”

Vietnam lost 0-1 against Indonesia in the second Group D match of the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup, which ended at Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 20th, when it gave up a penalty kick (PK) to Asnawi Mangkualam.

Vietnam, which suffered a 2-4 upset loss against Japan in the first match, lost two games, and was confirmed to be eliminated early from the Asian Cup stage. Vietnam will play its last match on the 24th against Iraq, the top-ranked team in Group D, which confirmed its advance to the round of 16 by beating Indonesia (3-1) and Japan (2-1).

After the defeat against Indonesia, the Vietnamese media fired a barrage of fire at Trusier. Although they lost the match against Japan, the mood was created that they fought well, but the mood instantly turned around when Vietnam (ranking 94th in FIFA) lost against Indonesia (14th) which is lower in FIFA ranking than them. In particular, articles comparing the situation with the former coach Park Hang-seo, who was strong against Indonesia, poured out, and some said that Trusier should be replaced.

In a press conference ahead of the Iraq match, Trussier voiced his discontent with the Vietnamese media. According to the Vietnamese media VOV, Trussier said, “It is my job to (criticize) the media. I am responsible for the result. I understand the reaction of the media and fans who watched the two losses,” but he complained, saying, “The Vietnamese media react emotionally like fans. They do not see the achievements we have made over the past eight months.” 토토사이트 순위

“People forgot that Vietnam lost eight World Cup qualifiers before the Vietnam Football Association hired me,” Trusier said, referring to his performance under his former coach Park Hang-seo. “Unfortunately, the media cannot see inside the team. The media criticizes the team even though they do not know that players participate in the game with 200 percent effort. I am disappointed that they did not respect my efforts.”

Trusier, who expressed his dissatisfaction with the Vietnamese media, once again expressed regret, saying, “I have read many opinions from many countries. Other countries except the Vietnamese media are evaluating that we are doing well.” “We will play well against Iraq, and I hope we can create a good image even if we lose. I hope we can show everyone that we are doing well and have a future (through the match against Iraq),” he said, expressing his expectation for the last game.

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