Fans are impressed by the “football goddess” reporter → “intelligence + sexy + beauty” who came to the EPL stadium, saying, “I want nothing more.”

English Premier League fans are highly interested not only in matches but also in journalists and broadcasters who deliver the messages. As for Laura Woods, the BBC’s microphone was firmly attached thanks to fans’ support. Originally, she worked for Sky Sports, DAZN and ITV, but became the main face after moving to the BBC after gaining huge popularity from soccer fans.

Recently, BBC soccer commentator Alex Scott has become the star of Laura Woods. Originally, Scott was a former female soccer player. He joined Arsenal’s academy when he was eight years old and dreamed of becoming a soccer player. As an Arsenal woman, Scott has won numerous trophies.

Scott, a former right-back, gained popularity by analyzing and explaining better than other female reporters and reporters based on his extensive knowledge and experience in soccer. Of course, he played for the English national team. The British royal family also awarded Scott the Order of the British Empire for his contributions to the development of women’s soccer.

Recently, she has been on an open date with her same-sex girlfriend, drawing attention from the media. Her relationship with Jess Glynn, a famous singer-songwriter in the U.K., has become a hot topic of media attention. 경마

The British media is going crazy over the fact that there is a beautiful woman who is challenging herself. She is a broadcast journalist with beauty, intelligence, and sexy beauty, and she is currently working for Sky Sports. Her name is Melissa Reddy, and British media reported that her fans have surged recently. Some fans in particular fell in love with her beauty to the extent that she “couldn’t look any better.”

According to a recent report by The Sun, Reddy is originally from South Africa. So, after working as a reporter for various sports such as cricket and rugby, he moved to Sky Sports in the UK and is in charge of EPL. According to social media photos, he is in charge of prestigious clubs such as Manchester United, Manchester City, and Arsenal.

Reddy recently went on a vacation to his hometown of South Africa. So he posted a picture of his vacation, which made his fans happy. He showed off his glamorous figure with his cool vacation outfit. Nearly 10,000 likes poured in overnight.

Fans praised her for her amazing performance, looking so fantastic and happy, and saying, “I couldn’t be more glamorous.” The 37-year-old Reddy is active in various fields, including reporting professional football in the U.S. Currently, he has 200,000 social media fans.

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