“I want to go back to EPL!”….MF, who aspires to ‘shock transfer → shock return’, will you give up 1.1 billion won a week? Who will it be?

Henderson was a legend of Liverpool in the English Premier League. He played for Liverpool in 2011 and remained active until 2023. He was also the centerpiece of the team as Liverpool’s “captain.”

Henderson enjoyed Liverpool’s golden age together. During his 12 seasons, he scored 33 goals in 492 appearances, which saw him win both the EPL and the UEFA Champions League, collecting a total of eight trophies. 안전놀이터 추천

However, Henderson made a shocking decision last summer. He left Liverpool for Al Itipark in Saudi Arabia. He has reunited with another Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard. Gerrard is Al Itipark’s manager.

His choice shocked England. Many soccer fans especially criticized Liverpool’s captain for going to Saudi Arabia after seeing the money. When Henderson was called up to play for the England national team, English soccer fans booed him hard. As such, Henderson’s trip to Saudi Arabia had the effect of degrading the pride of English football.

However, less than a year after Henderson went to Saudi Arabia, another shocking news was reported that he was pushing for a return to the EPL. Britain’s Daily Mail reported that “Alt-Park’s captain Jordan Henderson is eager to return to the EPL.”

The media then said, “Henderson did not make it to the Saudi Arabian League. Henderson is telling his colleagues of RT Park about the possibility of returning to England. Currently, the Saudi Arabian League has entered a break due to the Asian Cup.”

Henderson is being paid 700,000 pounds (1.17 billion won) a week at RT Park. It is unimaginable in EPL. Only when he gives up, he can return to EPL. The media outlet also said that Henderson’s 700,000 pounds a week is only applied if he has stayed for more than two years. If he leaves the team en route, he will have to pay 20 percent in taxes.

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