“I’m sure it’s more than 10 billion won.” I’m waiting for FA Kim Hye-sung to enter MLB. KBO’s taste buds again

Each club does not just look at short-term power. They prepare a time table in three to four years at the most, draw up a long-term plan, and check the current status of the plan in between. Fostering is the basis, but they also draw up plans for external free agents (FAs) in case of urgent need.

Kim Hye-sung (24, Kiwoom) is definitely the most sought-after player in the KBO League’s plan. With Lee Jung-hoo seeking to advance to the Major League, many say that he is the biggest free agent that could come out within two years. “Kim Hye-sung is young enough to sign a six-year contract. If so, he will be able to become a player who will surpass 10 billion won (approx. It is also a general atmosphere in the KBO league.”

Kim Hye-sung is not a typical slugger. Since his debut in the KBO League in 2017, he has only 26 home runs in 826 games in the KBO League. He also has a slugging ratio of 0.393. However, the majority say that he has skills and value that can more than offset this.

Basically, he is an accurate hitter who can hit .300. Kim Hye-sung’s overall batting average in the first division is just .300. He has excellent batting average in all three recent seasons. On top of that, he is excellent in this, too. He is one of the best quasi-legs in the league. He has recorded more than 20 steals in all six years. He is also highly utilized in defense. He can see both shortstop and second baseman. Moreover, he was relatively healthy, and is not the style that can predict major injury. 토토사이트

It is extremely rare for KBO league teams to have both shortstop and second baseman’s long-term plans standing properly. If one is full, one is short. For this reason, many have listened to the possibility of Na Don Kim Hye-sung’s advance to the Major League in recent years. Kim Hye-sung’s declaration of entering the Major League means that one of the biggest words in the FA market will disappear.

Kim Hye-sung recently officially announced his Major League challenge and is continuing negotiations with his club. He will normally meet the registration number of seven seasons after this season. He will be eligible to challenge to the Major League through the posting system (closed competitive bidding). If he plays normally for one more season, he will be eligible to become an FA after the 2025 season. He will make no loss by challenging posting. Playing in the Major League at a young age can be in the interest of players in their mid-20s.

The possibility of Kim Hye-sung’s advance to the Major League did not come out of nowhere. It was said that scouts from major league teams have been looking closely at Kim Hye-sung since two to three years ago. It caught the eyes of scouts who visited Gocheok Dome to watch Kim Ha-sung and Lee Jung-hoo. Rather, it is said that he received attention before Ahn Woo-jin.

What scouts are paying attention to is Kim Hye-sung’s tremendous athletic ability. This is where Kim Ha-sung began to attract the attention of Major League scouts. Although it is less powerful than Kim Ha-sung, I think there is a similar aspect. Some Major League club scouts believe that Kim Hye-sung can play center field as well. It is not easy to classify him as a certain key player, but he believes that he is valuable as a utility player who plays the center fielder of shortstop second base.

It is also positive that the value of players who can play is increasing as the pitch clock is introduced in the Major League and the physical size of the base increases. If only the on-base percentage is supported, some view it as an advantage over Kim Ha-sung in pure baserunning ability.

What’s more, he is also positive that he is a player who develops every year. With his defense more stable, Kim’s coordinated offensive productivity (wRC+, based on statistics) rose to 106.2 in 2021, 123.9 in 2022, and 142.1 in 2023. This is because his slugging capability is improving while his slugging capability is also increasing. This is why Kim’s 2024 and subsequent Major League challenge will become a hot topic of conversation in the KBO League.

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