It’s not Son Heung-min? Oh, I agree!”Tottenham’s best player this season is 24 billion GK”

“Guglielmo Vicario accounts for a significant portion of Tottenham’s success this season,” said Spurs Webb, which reported the news of Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday (Korea Standard Time). “Vicario is the first Tottenham player this season.” He can tilt his head, not Son. Son has 12 goals and five assists this season, and is in charge of Tottenham’s attack. He is showing the best performance as a captain and ace.

Vicario is also not easy. Vicario came to Tottenham Hotspur this summer as Hugo Lloris successor. Vicario played for Empoli and became one of the best goalkeepers in Italy’s Serie A and was selected for Azuri Corps, but he was not a well-known goalkeeper in Europe. While many doubted that he would succeed Lloris, Vicario showed the best defense capability. 사설 토토사이트

He defended Tottenham’s goal by making impressive saves every time. Even if he did not score a point, he made a remarkable defense, so no one could criticize Vicario. He had excellent passing ability. He is a modern goalkeeper who is good at defense and passes well. There was a reason why Manager Enze Postecoglou boldly excluded Lloris and used Vicario.

“Vicario has good passes. He has an average of 29.4 passes per game and an accuracy rate of 80 percent,” Spurs Webb said. Last season, Lloris had an average of 18.1 passes per game and an accuracy rate of 74 percent. Thanks to Vicario, Postecoglou’s soccer team blossomed more unpredictable and splendidly. The build-up from Vicario in the back was very aggressive and sharp.”

He is known to have good personality as well as ability. Currently, Tottenham’s captains include Son Heung-min, Christian Romero and James Medicine, and some predicted that Vicario could soon be named. Vicario was selected as the best goalkeeper of this season and the Premier League this summer based on Tottenham’s performance, and also easily joined the Italian national team.

Considering that Tottenham spent only 17 million euros (about 24.3 billion won) on recruiting Vicario, it is a huge achievement. The performance of the rest of the season is also important. The rear is unstable as a number of injuries have continued while defenders have not yet been recruited. They are Tottenham fans who believe in Vicario’s defense.

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