Kim Ha-sung contributes to team victory with good defense against Milwaukee

Kim Ha-sung of the San Diego Padres contributed to the team’s victory. 토토사이트 순위

Kim Ha-sung started shortstop No. 9 in the home game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Petco Park on the 21st (Korea time) and recorded three hits, one walk and one strikeout in three times at bat. His batting average for this season fell to 0.214.

The team won 7-6. With this victory, the team recorded two consecutive wins and 39 wins and 40 losses. Milwaukee lost 44-31. In the bottom of the eighth inning, Kim had a seven-pitch game with Bradley Blaylock with two outs and no runners, before walking on base and stealing second base. He stole his 15th base of the season. He aimed to steal third base but became a fine base when Luis Arraez, who was at the batter’s box, grounded out.

His first at-bat in the second inning was regrettable. Referee Andy Fletcher’s hand went up even though opponent team starter Bryce Wilson’s fourth pitch at the count of 1-2 was out. Kim had been at the batter’s box for some time and seemed to disagree with the decision.

One comfort is that Fletcher’s strike zone was equally irregular between the two teams. Milwaukee’s Christian Yelich showed the same reaction as Kim Ha-sung after striking out a rookie on a slider that fell low at bat in the top of the third inning.

Kim Ha-sung failed to do much at bat, but instead showed good defense. He caught Sal Frelick’s slow grounder in the bottom of the fifth inning, and threw it to first base. The scene was initially ruled safe, but the video review found that it was out.

Not only Kim Ha-sung but also the San Diego fielders as a whole displayed good defense concentration. In the first inning, with the bases loaded with one out, third baseman Manny Machado caught Reece Hoskins’ ball with a backhand and threw it to the second base to connect a double play.

On the contrary, Milwaukee’s defense was sloppy. At the bottom of the first inning, second baseman Bryce Turang caught and missed Jake Cronenworth’s grounder, with one out and runners on the first and second bases.

This led to San Diego’s massive score. Manny Machado crossed the right fence and Jackson Merrill hit a back-to-back home run.

Merrill hit six home runs in eight games on the day. According to “Opta STATS,” this is the first time in Major League history that a center fielder under the age of 21 has set such a record since Willie Mays set it in July 1951.

When Milwaukee chased 4-3 with Willie Adames’ two-run home run in the top of the fifth inning, Fernando Tatis Jr. hit a solo home run over the left-center fence and ran away again in the bottom of the fifth inning. In the seventh inning, Tatis, who was at first base, homered while left fielder Yelich missed Jurickson Profar’s line drive hit due to the lighting.

Milwaukee’s pursuit continued. Durant’s timely hit in the top of the eighth inning chased another run, and in the bottom of the ninth inning, he added two more runs against Jeremiah Estrada, who pitched three consecutive games, tying the game at 6-6.

San Diego hit back right in the bottom of the ninth inning. Jake Cronenworth hit a solo homer over the right fence off Joel Payamps to end the game. San Diego’s fourth walk-off win of the season.

San Diego Padres starter Adam Major allowed five hits, one homer, three walks, three strikeouts, and three runs in 42/3 innings. He had his first chance to win the game since his debut, but was replaced with just one out left before becoming the winning pitcher. The homerun he gave up to Adames in the fifth inning was a fatal hit.

Milwaukee starter Wilson was sluggish with seven hits, three homers, two walks, five strikeouts and five runs in 42/3 innings, but he avoided losing.

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