Kim Kwan-woo, the first e-sports gold medalist, also attracts attention.

Kim Kwan-woo (nickname Lizard) won the Street Fighter V category, giving the Korean team a gold medal for the first time in an e-sports event.

Kim Kwan-woo was born in 1979 and is the oldest member of the e-sports national team (44). Kim Kwan-woo, who has been a street fighter for more than 30 years, quit his job three years ago and turned into a professional gamer. After selecting the national team, he trained 13 hours a day and eventually won the Asian Games gold medal.

Kim Hye-young, the daughter-in-law of the late Hyundai Group Honorary Chairman Chung Ju-yung and wife of Hyundai Marine Insurance Chairman Chung Mong-yoon, who failed to win a medal, also caught the eye. 카지노사이트 순위

Kim Hye-young, who entered Bridge around 2010, holds a Bridge contest to raise money for charity every year and donates the profits to the fruit of love. And this time, I had a new experience by participating in a mixed bridge.

Kwon Soon-woo, a leading Korean tennis star, hit the racket he was holding several times on the floor after losing to Thailand’s Cassidit Samrez in the second round of the singles. He then left the stadium ignoring Samrez, who shook hands with him. Controversy spread as the video containing the scene spread through social media (SNS).

The day after the controversy broke out, Kwon Soon-woo personally visited the player and apologized and posted a handwritten apology that he admitted to his actions. On top of that, the Korean team also bowed its head and said, “We will take action after the tournament.”

Jung Cheol-won, who competed in the men’s 3,000m final in roller skating, was the last runner, raising his arms in front of the finish line in anticipation of the gold medal. In the meantime, the Taiwanese player behind him reached out his left foot to cross the finish line, pushed out South Korea and won the silver medal.

Afterwards, Jung Chul-won said, “My mistake is too big,” adding, “It’s a rash act that I shouldn’t do as a player.” I sincerely apologize to the players who played together and to many people who supported the national team game. As a representative player of the country, I sincerely regret and reflect on my actions that I did not do my best until the end,” he said.

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