2022 베이징 동계올림픽 마스코트 빙둔둔이 새겨진 중국 선수단 핀

A Chinese athlete gave a borrowed pin to a Korean volunteer, who in turn gave the athlete a handwritten note in Chinese. It’s nothing new at an international event, but Xinhua said the exchange between the two young people warmed the hearts of people from both countries .On Feb. 27, Xinhua told the story of Zhang Xinxin, a Chinese short track athlete, and Lim Yeo-jung, a Korean volunteer, who competed at the Gangwon 2024 Winter Youth Olympic Games (hereinafter referred to as Gangwon 2024).Zhang was China’s top medalist at Gangwon 2024, winning two gold and two silver medals, including a victory in the men’s 1,000 meters .The men’s 1,000-meter final was marred by China’s “bad hand” controversy .Korean hopeful Joo Jae-hee (Han AD) was battling hard with China’s Zhang Bo-hao and Zhang Xin-sheng when Zhang Bo-hao pushed with his left hand five laps from the finish line, causing him to fall and miss out on a medal. Zhang Bohao was disqualified, and Zhang Xinxiang, who came in second, was awarded the gold medal. While Zhang was the center of controversy on the ice, he became the center of a story off the ice, Xinhua reported.

“Athlete 365,” a space with various game facilities, is a hot spot in the athletes’ village where athletes from various countries gather to exchange national pins and share friendship. Lim Yeo-jung, a volunteer working here, approached Zhang with two friends, hoping to get a Chinese pin featuring the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics mascot, Bing Dundun. Mr. Zhang had only two pins available, and Ms. Lim, who had lost the rock-paper-scissors game, was the only one who didn’t get one .He ran to his coworker and borrowed a pin and handed it to the disappointed Ms. Lim .In return, Ms. Lim wrote a handwritten letter in Chinese the next day and gave it to Mr. Jiang. With the help of a translation app, Ms. Lim, who took a short course in Chinese in high school, wrote a handwritten letter that impressed Mr. Jiang. “The letter was written in neat Chinese handwriting,” she said, adding, “I didn’t expect such a gift at all, and I was very touched.” The two became friends after following each other on Instagram. “Making a new friend at Gangwon 2024, my first competition, brought me as much 스포츠토토존 joy as standing on the podium, and I will cherish this memory forever,” Zhang added.

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