Korean films face uncertain outcomes as box office success predictors miss mark

A scene from the movie 'She Died,' which has attracted 1.22 million viewers / Courtesy of Content Zio

The movie “She Died” reached 1.22 million viewers as of June 22, surpassing the 1.17 million viewers of “The Birth of Korea,” and claiming a spot in the top five Korean box office hits of the year.

However, it still lags far behind the second place “The Roundup: Punishment,” which has 11.49 million viewers and is currently screening, a gap of 10.27 million viewers.

The polarization of box office success in Korean cinema is intensifying. Audiences flock to films that are expected to be hits, leading to a “hit or miss” phenomenon where many films fall short of their break-even point.

This trend highlights the growing disparity between blockbuster successes and other films struggling to attract significant viewership.

According to data from the Korean Film Council on June 25, the top-grossing Korean film in the first half of this year (as of Tuesday) is “Exhuma” with 11.91 million viewers.

This is 10.2 million more than the third-place “Citizen of a Kind” (1.71 million viewers). In fourth place is “Alienoid Part 2” with 1.43 million viewers.

While the first and second place films have earned the prestigious 10 million viewers label, the third to fifth place films have barely reached the 1 million mark.

“Citizen of a Kind” and “She Died” barely surpassed the break-even point.

“Alienoid Part 2,” which cost 37 billion won ($2.7 million) to produce, fell far short of its estimated break-even point of 8 million viewers.

Including “The Birth of Korea,” only six Korean films have surpassed the 1 million viewer mark. “Exhuma” and “The Roundup: 카지노사이트킹 Punishment” alone account for 64.4 percent (23.4 million viewers) of the total Korean film viewership (36.28 million viewers).

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