Las Vegas Stadium to bring Las Vegas a new sportsbook experience

Sitting in the epicenter of Lagas Stadium in Palacho, it suddenly struck me that I was living my dream of becoming a sports gambler. In front of my personal coffee table were the Sunday newspapers, Bloody Mary, NFL betting lines and the day’s prop bets, and six betting tickets for the 10 a.m. game just now. I reclined on the plush couch and my feet were propped up. As I stared straight ahead, 12 HD television beds were looking back at me, each showing an NFL game that was about to start.

Of course, I told myself that if there’s such a thing as a sports betting paradise, then this has to be it. Essentially, this is exactly what world-famous chef Emeril Lagase imagined about a year ago when the idea for the Palacho Stadium in Lagase was first conceived. And when I relayed the satisfaction of the moment to Mark Zakin, Lagase’s stadium general manager, he was delighted but certainly not surprised. “Our intention was to provide the coolest venue in the country when it came to watching sports and betting,” Zakin said. “I think we nailed it.”

Emeril has long been a sports fan. The man, who has written 13 cookbooks and hosted more than 1,500 shows on the Food Network, already had two restaurants, Table 10 and Delmonico Steakhouse, in Venice, adjacent to The Palazzo, where the resort’s president, COO, and Emeril’s longtime friend, Rob Goldstein, showed him what he wanted to be another signature spot. Located on the lower floors of The Palacho, the 24,000-square-foot space used to accommodate the hotel’s sportsbook & grill. Before that, it was 40/40, the home of rapper Jay-Z’s sports bar and nightclub. When he saw that the space Emeril knew right away was too big for a restaurant, he knew it would be the perfect place for a high-octane sports bar. 스포츠토토

Las Vegas gives you a hip feeling to watching sports, thanks to its original decor and young “fantasy football type” audience. If you’ve ever fantasized about a classic sports book filled with elderly gentlemen who smoke cigars, this isn’t it. Las Vegas Stadium is your first sports bar. Making it comfortable enough to watch multiple games is a top priority. Being in Las Vegas just in time, the option to decline bets and get a free drink ticket every time you visit a window is part of the experience.

And thanks to the “In-Game Bet” offered by Lagase and a new “Pocket Casino” mobile gaming device that just debuted at The Palazzo and Venician earlier this month, a variety of betting options not seen in Las Vegas or many other places are widely available. The Main Stadium section is a multi-level theater with stadium-style seating on the aforementioned comfortable sofas.

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