Macau GGR expects to exceed $22 bln by 2027 to impose 20% additional tax on operators

Analysts at Morgan Stanley predict Macau’s total gaming revenue will exceed $22 billion by 2027. It follows the signing of gaming concession agreements by six Macau operators and recent estimates of Macau’s future annual sales.

Under the terms of the agreement signed last week, the six concessors must increase non-game spending by 20% if their five-year total income reaches a given level.

It is clear that the move will be an additional burden on the concession holders who are currently being allocated game facilities for 2023. For now, the burden is not fair among operators, but Macau authorities can change the situation at any time through various tax measures and allocations for the future.

The same goes for the investment promised by the six companies. ‘Given that 2023 will still be a recovering year (instead of normalization), Macau will allow operators to start investing in 2024,’ according to Morgan Stanley’s forecast.

Pledge: 슬롯머신사이트

The operators committed $14.79 billion in new investments over 10 years under the terms of the concession agreement. Sands pledged $3.76 billion, Galaxy $3.53 billion, Win $2.21 billion, MGM difference $2.08 billion, SJM $1.75 billion and Melco $1.47 billion.

Under the same agreement, concessors are required to pay a fixed premium of 30 million MOP ($3.73 million) per year, plus MOP 300,000 MOP 1,000 MOP ($37,320) per VIP game table and MOP 1,000 MOP per slot machine. Under recent table and slot machine allocation measures, operators can operate at least 500 game tables and 1,000 slot machines each.

91% of the total investment pledged by concessionaries will be used for non-game businesses, and operators will be required to detail their financial plans and expenditures in a document to their competent authorities annually.

If companies don’t invest, they will have to fund their own business or projects related to the public interest, and both projects will be approved and decided by the government.

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