Moon Dong-ju’s roar, uppercut ceremony, and national ace announced appearance

Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha Eagles) roared with a fist of a uniform with “Korea” written on it. It announced the emergence of a new young ace for the Korean national baseball team.

South Korea beat Taiwan 2-0 in the final of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games (AG) held at the first stadium of the Saoxing Baseball and Softball Sports Center near Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 7th. Since the 2010 Guangzhou Games, he has won four consecutive Asian Games and completely avenged his 0-4 Youngbong loss to Taiwan in the group stage on the 2nd. She also escaped three consecutive losses against Taiwan in international competitions.

Ryu Joong-il, the head coach of the national baseball team, has been the first Korean coach to win AG twice since the 2014 Incheon tournament. 슬롯머신

Moon Dong-ju hit a double to leadoff hitter Zeng Jong-jeo in the bottom of the first inning against 0-0, and then was on the verge of a third base with one out due to the opponent’s bunt operation. However, Linley was caught with an infield grounder, and Lin Anker, the fourth batter, struck out a check swing. Moon Dong-ju roared.

Moon Dong-ju, who overcame the crisis, retired three times, four times, and five times. In the meantime, South Korea led 2-0 in the top of the second inning by scoring two runs on Kim Joo-won’s sacrifice fly and opponent’s wild pitch.

Moon Dong-ju gave up a double to Zeng Jong-je again after one out in the bottom of the sixth inning, but struck out the next two batters in a row. Moon Dong-ju roared again, beating his chest with an uppercut ceremony.

Moon Dong-ju passed the mound from the 7th inning, and bullpen pitchers blocked the remaining 3 innings without allowing a point to confirm the victory.

Moon Dong-ju fell somewhat short of expectations with two runs in four innings against Taiwan in the group stage four days ago. He lost to Lin Yu-min, who allowed four hits and six strikeouts in six innings. However, in the game, he completely avenged Lin Yu-min, who allowed two runs in five innings with six scoreless innings.

Moon Dong-ju’s four-seam fastball reached a maximum speed of 162 kilometers per hour. The speed gun’s speed varies depending on the location, but the speed is somewhat higher in this tournament.

During the training camp in Korea, national team coach Ryu Joong-il emphasized that “all efforts should be made against Taiwan,” and weighed Kwak Bin (Doosan Bears) and Moon Dong-ju as starting pitchers. I didn’t reveal it until the end. In the end, director Ryu Joong-il’s choice was Moon Dong-ju. Moon Dong-ju recorded eight wins, eight losses and a 3.72 ERA in 23 games this year.

Moon Dong-ju, who joined Hanwha as the first designation in 2022, is a fireballer pitcher representing the league. The fast ball and boldness that can reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h prove the possibility. Moon Dong-ju announced the emergence of the next national team ace along with winning the gold medal.

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