Moon-shaped balloon ride set to offer aerial views of Seoul from July

A night view of SEOULDAL, a helium balloon ride in Yeouido district, Seoul / Courtesy of Seoul Metropolitan Government

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is set to offer a unique aerial experience by introducing SEOULDAL, a moon-shaped helium balloon 안전한카지노 ride in Yeouido district. Starting test operations in July, the attraction will allow passengers to view the cityscape from an altitude of 150 meters.

According to the city government, the balloon ride will undergo a trial period from July 6 to Aug. 22. During this phase, selected citizens will have a chance to experience the ride for free through online and offline events.

The city government will gather feedback from passengers during the trial period to make improvements before the official launch on Aug. 23. Starting then, the ride will be operated with a boarding fee.

The boarding fee is set at 25,000 won ($18.04) for adults aged 19 to 64 and 20,000 won for children and teenagers, aged 36 months to 18 years. Climate Card holders, the city’s unlimited transit pass users, will receive a 10 percent discount.

The balloon ride can accommodate up to 30 passengers per ride. It will be open from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. from Tuesdays to Sundays, with regular inspections conducted on Mondays.

An opening ceremony for the balloon ride is set for July 6, themed “Summer Picnic with SEOULDAL.” Attendees at the event will have a chance to win a free ride through an on-site lottery.

The city government explained that the name “SEOULDAL” combines “Seoul” and “Dal,” the Korean word for “moon,” aiming to intuitively capture the essence of the moon-shaped attraction. It also aims to attract both domestic and international tourists, offering them a unique opportunity to experience the city’s charm day and night.

SEOULDAL is a gas balloon tethered to the ground by cables, which can only rise vertically.

Unlike hot air balloons, it uses non-flammable gas for enhanced safety. The balloon’s body is tethered to the ground by cables, ensuring minimal risk of straying from the designated flight path.

“We will continue to discover unique tourism content that lets people experience Seoul’s attractive spaces in a variety 대표하는 of ways,” said Kim Young-hwan, the director general of the Tourism and Sports Bureau at the city government.

Kil Ki-yon, CEO of Seoul Tourism Organization, added, “We will continue to cooperate with the industry to make SEOULDAL a global tourist attraction.”

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