New TV show Face the Ace will debut on NBC

NBC’s Face the Ace, which debuted Saturday night, has the potential to be a pretty decent poker show, and possibly go mainstream. However, there will be some tweaks before the show begins.
Hosted by Steve Schirripa, the show has a great game show feel. The show begins with a four-person Full Tilt Pro hidden behind four different doors. The contestant selects a door and selects his opponent. After the contestant selects a door, model Megan Abrigo opens the door to reveal which professional will face the contestant in a head-up match.

If the contestant wins the first professional, or “Ace,” he or she will receive $40,000. The contestant can then choose whether to keep the $40,000 figure or take a risk for his chance to win $200,000 by playing another professional. If he wins the second professional, he or she will receive $1 million and risk $200,000 to play another professional. If the contestant loses any game, he or she will not make any money. The contestants have no idea who is behind each door.

In the first episode, there was Phil Ivy behind the door chosen by Jonathan Nygard, and his response was priceless. Nygard almost flinched as Ivy walked through the door, then soon recovered with a smile.

Nygaard attempted to have a trash talk with Ivy, mentioning that his photo was nowhere on the walls of the Binion at the World Series of Poker Main Event championships. Ivy did not respond to trash talk, and took to the big road by saying she hoped this would be the year she won the Main Event (Ivey reached the final table for the Main Event).

Nygaard and Ivy’s game didn’t last long, so we didn’t get a chance to see how comfortable Ivy would be to talk to Nygaard. Nygaard picked up a pocket ace in his first hand and an ace-five in his second hand to easily pick up the small pot. Ivy carried an ace-4 in all of her third hand, and Nygaard’s pocket queens beat him to win the championship. 온라인카지노사이트

Nygard decided to go home with $40,000 and brought in a second contestant, Don Toppel. Toppel and Eric Lindgren, first played by Toppel, who is living at home with his mother and sister (and apparently two nieces and nephews), were the true stars of Saturday’s show.

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