“Solo hell outing.” LG Lee Kwan-hee said, “I took it without pretence like I did when I was playing basketball.”

LG won 85-81 against Busan KCC in the 2023-2024 Jeonggwanjang Professional Basketball match held at Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 7th, winning four consecutive games.

She has grabbed her 13th win (five losses) and is the lone runner-up, trailing the leading Wonju DB (15 wins and three losses) by two games. Her second-round performance was eight wins and one loss.

“I think it’s the first time in my professional career that I’ve had a good performance of eight wins and one loss in one round. I’m grateful to both the coach and the team,” Lee Kwan-hee said. “My performance has been good since I lost three consecutive games. I’ve never thought of losing a game these days. I’m having a great time and playing the season in a good mood.”

Lee Kwan-hee, a former second-round draft pick, has strong grit, unlike her image as a houseplant. Aggressive tendencies and hasty plays were cited as disadvantages, but she improved with efforts and entered her 12th season in the pro league.

He has also been the captain since last season when Cho Sang-hyun took over. 온라인경마

“I thought I was LG’s ‘face madam,’ so I wanted another player to be the captain,” Lee Kwan-hee said. “The coach suggested it, but I rejected it at first, but I think I did a good job,” Lee Kwan-hee said. “I am grateful that my teammates followed me well. There is no discord. (Lee) Jae-do, (Jeong) Hee-jae, and (Yang) Hong-seok all help me well.”

His playing time and numerical record are on the decline. He scored 11.3 points while playing 24 minutes and 41 seconds on average last season, but he has recorded 9.3 points in 19 minutes and 36 seconds this season. He is competing with outstanding juniors including Yang Hong-seok, a free agent transfer, and Yoo Ki-sang, a rookie.

However, Lee Kwan-hee said, “As a player, I would naturally have greed for playing time, but I do not dwell on it. I am the captain and a veteran. I am focusing on playing my role. People say that when I become a veteran, I will lose my defense capability, but I am not. Since I was a trainee, I have exclusively followed Yang Dong-geun and Jeon Tae-pung. My athletic ability is still alive and I am confident in my defense.”

He changed his uniform number to “Number 0” ahead of this season. He expressed his willingness to sacrifice for the team and blend in well.

“It means that I will sacrifice first and match the team,” he said. “I had trouble with the coach at the beginning of last season. As a captain, I reflected a lot and regretted it a lot. The coach wants me to focus on defense rather than offense, so I’m going to do that. I don’t think I have anything more to prove. I have to match everything to the team.”

Lee Kwan-hee has been communicating with her fans by creating her own YouTube channel since 2019. She is interested in many other fields besides basketball.

Recently, his appearance on the Netflix reality show “Solo Hell Season 3” became a hot topic of conversation. It is a program that tells the real love story of single men and women. It will start on the 12th.

Lee Kwan-hee said, “Originally, when I was recruiting the cast for Season 2, my friend sent me a profile and had a meeting. I decided to appear, but my off-season schedule overlapped, and I opposed it because the director was first appointed,” adding, “After a year, I asked if I would like to appear in Season 3, so I was able to film it in time for the vacation period.”

“There were a lot of cameras on set, but I didn’t feel anything special. I’m 100 percent sure I showed myself,” he said. “I just did what I did in the basketball court in ‘Solo Hell’. I did a ceremony when I was happy, and sometimes I played reckless or jagged, but I showed my sincerity without being pretentious.”

“The production team said, ‘There could be a lot of people who get criticized after the show’ but I always get criticized and anti-people were my daily routine,” he said. “It doesn’t change much. It just increases the amount of curses. Please look forward to it a lot.”

Lastly, Lee Kwan-hee said, “I won a basketball party when I was a manager. I don’t win in a professional league,” adding, “The LG Twins won in baseball. There will be expectations for basketball as well. If the team goes according to the plan without major injuries, I think we can definitely go to the championship game. I will play hard for LG’s first championship.”

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