“Son Heung-min 100% Accepts Recommendations.” Tottenham recruits a striker to replace Hishalisson!

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. is agonizing over its position as a forward striker after Harry Kane left for Munich. Hishalisson, who joined Tottenham Hotspur F.C. with high expectations for his transfer fee of 60 million pounds, is full of disappointment. It is hard to see him scoring three Wander goals at the World Cup in Qatar.

Hisalisson scored just one goal in 27 games last season. The same is true this season. He has scored only one goal in 10 league games so far. His first league goal came against Sheffield United on Sept. 16. To make matters worse, Hisalisson was completely out of the lineup after undergoing surgery for a groin injury in October.

Son Heung-min is also playing for Hisalisson. As the ninth striker, Son has nine goals to completely fill Kane’s place. The problem is that Son’s burden is too much. After all, Son officially requested Tottenham to reinforce its striker in the January transfer market.

British media “Mirror” reported on the 7th, “Coach Angie Postecoglou hinted at reinforcing the striker at Son Heung-min’s request. Tottenham will reinforce the striker to support the Korean national team captain with more firepower.”

“That’s right. Son Heung-min is a very important player in our team’s strength. That doesn’t mean that he won’t recruit another striker. Even Son Heung-min will ask me to reinforce my striker,” Postecoglou confirmed. 파워볼게임

Tottenham led the league with eight wins and two draws since the opening of the Premier League. Since then, Tottenham has fallen from the lead as it lost three consecutive games. Currently, Tottenham is fifth in the league. Moreover, even Son Heung-min will be absent for a month in January due to his participation in the Asian Cup. Tottenham need to reinforce its striker in the January transfer market.

Postecoglou said, “I was lucky to have good players. Sonny is an elite striker in every aspect of the Premier League. Sonny has already had a great career, but he has higher goals. It would be very surprising if Sonny was not mentioned as an all-time striker when he retires. That is why he has scored nine goals.”

“Sonny is excellent as a soccer player but also an exemplary person as a person,” Postecoglou said. “When I see people who love his work, I also get motivated. It is a blessing to be able to work with Son every day,” he said, expressing admiration.

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