“SON, I will miss you so much” Postecoglou’s Toro. Coordinating the timing of the Asian Cup SON in January

Tottenham manager Enze Postecoglou said in an interview with local media. The British Daily Mail said on the 14th (Korea time), “When Son Heung-min leaves the Asian Cup, he will miss his leadership.” “As of yet, Son Heung-min’s departure date has not been confirmed. Tottenham said it was still coordinating.”

Son Heung-min will play in the Asian Cup in January. South Korea, which belongs to Group E, will have its first group qualifying match against Bahrain on January 15. Tottenham has a game against Bournemouth on the 31st. Until then, we will try to adjust whether Son Heung-min will play or not. From Tottenham’s point of view, Son Heung-min is the ace. No wonder he wants to play in as many games as possible.

Son can miss up to six games. A gap is fatal. Football London already said, “Tottenham is hoping Dejan Klosevski and Hishalisson will fill in Son’s gap, but the gap is definitely big.” All changes at Tottenham have been centered on Son.

When Harry Kane was transferred, Son Heung-min was in charge of the captain. To make up for the lack of scoring ability, a “nail system” was established to move Son Heung-min to the center. It was a great success. 카지노사이트 순위

Son, who displayed sensational goal-getting ability, moved to the center striker and made superb harmony with James Madison. Madison’s pass → Son’s goal touch was Tottenham’s No. 1 option and the most powerful goal route in the league.

When Madison weakened the second line due to injury, Son Heung-min changed to a winger again. Hishalisson went into the center. In the 16th round of the EPL against Newcastle on the 11th, Son Heung-min scored one goal and two assists. He dominated the game perfectly. When Son Heung-min plays in the Asian Cup in January, of course, Postecoglou will be ready for another change.

However, it is questionable what the effect of the change would be without Son Heung-min in Madison’s absence. Postecoglou seems to be well aware of this problem. We cannot help but miss Son.

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