Suddenly, the owner stormed the stadium punched the referee caught his eyes swollen

The British media Daily Mail reported on the 12th (Korea time), “The owner of Ankara Guizi, a Turkiye Super League club, broke into the stadium and punched the referee in the face after the team drew with Riespor.”

After the final whistle, referee Halil Umut Mellor suddenly came across a furious owner, Farooq Koca, who was caught on camera swinging his fist at the referee. Mellor was kicked by at least two people while trying to protect his face after collapsing on the floor. Mellor, who was dragged out, was seen with swollen eyes. 바카라

Many players, coaching staff, and security guards quickly rushed to the scene to prevent the attack, and the shaky Mellor was eventually able to stand up. Ali Yerlikaiah, Turkiye’s interior minister, announced that Mellor was being treated in a hospital under supervision.

After treatment, detention proceedings will proceed, Minister Yerlikaya said. The Super League’s official broadcaster, Beane Sports, reported that the Turkiye Football Association had decided to hold an extraordinary meeting shortly after the incident. The league match between Ankara Guizi and Rzespor ended 1-1.

According to Turkish justice minister Yilmaz Tunk, a judicial investigation has been launched into the “responsible person” for the assault. Tunk said the Ankara police department was tasked with identifying the suspect. “We are following up on this sad case,” Yerlikaya added.

Ali Sowe was sent off in the 14th minute of the first half, but Olimpio Moruchan scored a goal, leading the Ankara-Guizi. Riespor was also sent off in the 5th minute of the second half of Emirhan Topch’s extra time, but Adolfo Gaic scored a dramatic joint goal in the 7th minute of the second half.

The fist-bumping was condemned by Youth and Sports Minister Ousmane Askin Bark. “We strongly condemn the attack on match referee Halil Umut Meller after the MKE Ankara Guizi-Kaikur Riespor match,” Bark wrote on Twitter. “We do not want to see these images on the pitch that do not fit the spirit of sport and Turkiye football,” he wrote.

Coca, who is 59 years old this year, has been the president of the Ankara Guizhou since 2021. Umut Nayer, a Fenerbahce member and Turkiye national footballer, tweeted about the fistfight, “The mindset that you think is right surrounds us, no matter what you say to the referee or what you do.”

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