The sport was derived from Victorian England, and before eating, conducted among high-society circles as a game to sell. A temporary version of the game developed by the British army officers by the 1860s or 1870s, they came back with it. The books are along the center of the table ranks by a net, and two books is used with a racket and still has so far been used to play a golf ball. Turning the ball changes the trajectory and limits the opponent’s choice, giving the batter a great advantage. The server hits the ball with a racket as it goes down, first touching its own court, and then touching the receiver’s court directly without touching the net assembly. In casual games, many players don’t throw the ball up, but this is technically illegal and can give an unfair advantage to a serving player. Like almost any sport, you must first acquire the equipment you need to enjoy it. Like many other sports to play table tennis, you will need a ball. Table tennis balls are small, round, and made of plastic. The standard regulation size 토토사이트 is 40 mm and is usually available in two different colors. White and orange. I think table tennis is one of the cheapest and most fun sports. There are only three basic things you need to buy when you play table tennis. The game was a rigid process on the table into the net. Except for the first serve, in general the rules are as follows: Players must allow a ball played towards them to bounce once on one side of the table and return it to bounce on the other side at least once. A point is scored when you did not return the ball within the rules. Play fast and rapid feedback from our needs. So, you want to learn table tennis. Or is it preferable to call it the ping-pong? To be honest, it’s really not important. They are one and the same means. Whether they play ping-pong or ping-pong, all players share one thing in common: a love for the game they play. If you’re here and table tennis is relatively new, you’re in an appropriate place. Serving the ball player is to start the play in game play. The server first places the ball in the palm of her hand and stands without a paddle, called the freehand.

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