Thai police disband large online gambling ring

Thai police say they have dismantled an online gambling network known to operate more than 500 illegal betting sites.

According to local media The Nation, police in the crime control department told a briefing on Monday that the suspect had been operating for more than a decade, recruiting about 2,000 people to handle illegal activities.

Officers reportedly carried out air strikes in 63 locations in 14 states in Thailand. According to the report, the airstrikes were concentrated in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Konken, Pitsanulok, Maha Sarakam, Saraburi and Sakao.

Authorities say the gang was uncovered after separate busts broke out in Thailand in September, when police arrested 30 suspects in 10 states. 경마

Thailand is stepping up efforts to crack down on illegal online gambling in its country. Several high-profile operations have been carried out in recent months. At the end of October, police suspended their Chinese-owned online gambling business, with daily sales estimated at T$500 million (US$14 million). According to reports at the time, it employed about 50 people and mainly targeted Chinese people.

In May, a number of minor political parties in Thailand submitted a draft amendment to the Thai Gambling Act with the aim of legalizing online gambling as well as the country’s land casino business.

There are other political voices in Thailand that support the legalization of offline casinos, but in supporting the legalization of online gambling, argue that the measure could help curb the scope of unregulated gambling in Thailand.

In late July, a parliamentary committee considering introducing a casino resort in Thailand submitted a report to the National Assembly.

The document is said to recommend that the government enact ordinances to allow “entertainment complexes” containing legal casinos to be set up in several places across the country.

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