The Real Dealers Studios Reveals New Work In Vinny Jones Series

The game is designed with Cinematic RNG, a unique process developed by Real Dealers, allowing players to watch high-quality videos and enjoy a special cinematic experience while being integrated into a random number generator. 파칭코

Everything is subordinated to the cinematic experience: Vinny is the main character who can mingle with players one-on-one, like a movie where you can meet this amazing character.

Vinny’s role in the game is a VIP dealer and players sit around the members-only club. He maintains his cheeky words by handling or throwing the next card in response to every player’s movement.

The game consists of insurance side bets and six card charlie rules, along with 21+3 side bets. Combining great filmmakers and actors with great reputations is no surprise that everyone believes the game will be a huge success. So far, only computer-generated graphics are used in games like this one. But everything changed with RNG.

Shane Cotter, chief product officer of Real Dealer Studios, said, “This hasn’t existed in the market before – it’s an RNG blackjack game with this kind of personal interaction, and it’s celebrity booting up.”

The first game to feature Vinnie Jones is the Vinnie Jones roulette, released in September. Speaking of the game, Jones himself said: “Can you believe they put a nerd like me in charge of roulette? Trust me, you’ll love this game. It’s like regular roulette, but it loads better because of me.”

Vinny Jones Blackjack is the second, and the next release will be live on November 14 with Vinny Jones Story Roulette. The good news for fans of the series is that it will not end here – more games are expected to be released next year.

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