The WSOP with a “out of prison” card

WSOP’s decision to cancel a first-round fine imposed on Phil Helmus late Saturday night, the day Mike Matusow was eliminated from the World Series of Poker main event at No. 30.

Helmut, who was eliminated late in the afternoon and ranked 45th, exploded at the last minute. At the time, Helmut received only one phone call from the Christian Dragomir after attracting 250,000 people. After opening 9c-10c-7, Helmut confirmed this. Dragomir had 300,000 people. Helmut folded the game by showcasing his A-K.

Dragomir was overturned 10-4 after being craved by Matusow and the crowd, and the crowd roared. But so did Helmut. Helmut shouted, “Listen my friend, you fool,” in classical tirade mode. Helmut’s tirade lasted for a few minutes, and Helmut was eventually warned and given one trajectory of demerit points.

This means Helmut had to let go of nine hands and lose about 80,000 chips in the process. But when play resumed on Sunday, Helmus’ penalty was overturned and he sat down ready to play at the ESPN special table. 토토사이트

According to a statement released by WSOP, at Helmus’ request, the self-described “Poker Bratt” met Sunday morning with WSOP tournament director Jack Eppel, Hara’s Specialty Gaming Regional Vice President Howard Greenbaum and WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollock to discuss penalties.

“Based on that meeting and an official review of the situation, we have determined that the fine imposed on Mr Helmut at the end of last night’s game was excessive,” the WSOP statement said.

“Warning and punishment are intended to correct inappropriate behavior and our judgment should be as fair as possible given the situation,” Pollock said in a statement. “In this case, the punishment was not criminal.”

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