TvN ‘Jinny’s Kitchen 2’ returns with ambitious intern Go Min-si replacing V

From left, actors Choi Woo-shik, Lee Seo-jin, Jung Yu-mi, Go Min-si, and Park Seo-joon pose during  the online press conference for tvN's  new reality show “Jinny’s Kitchen 2,”  Friday. Courtesy of tvN

Star producer Na Young-seok’s reality show “Jinny’s Kitchen,” a spin-off from his 2017 show, “Youn’s Kitchen” starring Oscar-winning actress Youn Yuh-jung, follows a group of celebrities running a Korean restaurant abroad.

Led by actor Lee Seo-jin as the owner of the restaurant, the first season showed actors Jung Yu-mi, as the executive, Park Seo-joon, as the 안전 kitchen’s head, and two interns Choi Woo-shik and V running a Korean street food shop in a small town of Bacalar in Mexico.

The second season, which premieres Friday, will invite the members, except for V, and the new intern, Go, to Reykjavik, the capital city of Iceland, to open the city’s first Korean restaurant, specializing in “gomtang” (beef bone broth soup).

The producer said he eyed Go as the newest cast member after learning about her previous work experience before becoming an actor.

“Since there’s an opening for an intern, I wanted to hire an up-and-coming young talent. Go is a great actor, but I learned she also worked as a wedding planner before making her debut. I heard she was the fastest to get a promotion, so I thought she would be a great addition to our company,” Na said during an online press conference for the show, on Friday.

“If V brought fun, wit, and showed things young professionals struggle with as they start their careers to our show, Go has shown different 대표하는 qualities as an intern. She showed a desire to be recognized and to achieve success in the company … We hope you enjoy the natural chemistry that arises from this dynamic.”

Go said working on the show has been a surreal experience.

“When I got the offer, I asked, ‘Why me?’ It was truly an honor to have the opportunity for such a rare experience,” she said.

“I approached it with complete sincerity. As the youngest intern, I wanted to provide a lot of support, so I did my best. From working in Iceland to returning to Korea, there were so many amazing moments. It was an unbelievable experience.”

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