What does the remote gambling bill propose?

If you look closely at the bill, it provides for three types of licenses: remote gambling operator licenses, manufacturers, maintenance company licenses, and employment licenses.

All license applications can be sent to local licensing authorities. However, the National Gambling Commission will have the final say on issuing licenses. Local authorities will also support the commission by monitoring its activities and taking action against illegal operations. 메이저 토토사이트

Licenses will be made available to all parties, including those who already have different types of gambling licenses in South Africa. Before any decision is made, all applications will be reviewed in depth.

The bill also notes that a license could be suspended or even withdrawn if holders violate their license conditions. Holders can also apply to give up their license or transfer it to another party. Such requests will be at the discretion of the board.

No information was provided on how much the licence would cost. The legislation also did not mention a tax rate on online gambling.

Other regulations allow only those 18 and older in South Africa to use remote gambling.

Consumers can opt out of gambling through a self-exclusion system, while operators will not be able to provide any credit to players. As an additional protection measure, licensees must provide players with access to other responsible gambling tools, including deposit limits.

Advertising will also be controlled by strict rules, which should ensure that online gambling ads are not misleading and contain responsible gambling messages.

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