16-year-old Kim Eun-ji defeated Choi Jung to win the Women’s Kisung match… Youngest and shortest-term 9-dan victory

Kim Eun-ji, a 16-year-old, won the women’s Kisungjeon by beating Choi Jeong, a ninth grader at Queen Baduk. Kim Eun-ji, who lost in all three finals with Choi Jeong, won in her fourth attempt. In addition, Kim Eun-ji, who won the 9th grade with this victory, became the shortest-ever player in three years and 11 months after joining the team. 파워볼실시간

Kim Eun-ji beat Choi Jung 9th dan with a 250-hundred-thousand-hundred Buddhist victory after a fierce battle in the final 3rd round of the women’s ceremonial match held at the Korea Baduk TV studio on the 19th. Choi Jung made a comeback by attacking Kim Eun-ji’s Baekdae horse, but Kim Eun-ji took the lead again in the end and kept it to the end to reach the top with two wins and one loss.

Kim Eun-ji said shortly after winning the championship, “I think I just felt a little good this time. I think there were a lot of dangerous moments today, but I’m glad I won.” “I’m really happy that I won the championship by beating Master Choi Jung, but I think I’ll have to work hard in the future.”

After joining the team on January 10, 2020, Kim Eun-ji became the 9th grader for the first time in three years and 11 months, breaking the record of the previous Hanwoojin 9th grader (4 years and 5 months), and breaking the record of the youngest Park Jung-hwan 9th grader (17 years and 11 months) as she became the 9th grader at the age of 16 years and 6 months. The prize money for the Haesung Women’s Kiseongjeon is 50 million won, the runner-up prize is 20 million won, and the award ceremony will be held on January 19 next year.

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