30 goals last season’s “hero”, Breaking up marriage, One goal this season’s “shock”

Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford scored a total of 30 goals last season in the English Premier League, making him a career high. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) sought to recruit him by offering a hefty annual salary.

However, Rashford wowed Manchester United fans by declaring that he would remain with the team to rebuild Manchester United. Of course, Manchester United re-signed Rashford and successfully re-signed him, paying him £325,000 a week.

Rashford broke up with his fiancee as soon as the last season ended. They already broke up at the end of the season. He immediately enjoyed a rich “young and rich” life. He set up a private training camp in the U.S. and had a great time with many women while training hard. He was also seen returning to the hotel early in the morning with his personal trainer, Courtney Caldwell.

Many fans wished for the success of Manchester United led by Rashford. However, Rashford is truly below expectations this season. No, it is not an exaggeration to say that he failed. He only scored one goal this season. As Rashford was sluggish, Manchester United also fell into a swamp of slump in the early part of the season. Fans pointed out Rashford as the main cause of Manchester United’s fall. One expert even publicly said that Manchester United should send Rashford out to stand up again.

A month ago, Rashford was criticized for throwing a birthday party at the club after his 0-3 defeat in the Manchester derby, and apologized to head coach Eric Ten Haq. The media reported that Rashford, who has been having such a hard time this season, enjoyed dating his ex-fiance again.

The Sun reported on Wednesday that Marcus Rashford enjoyed a romantic date with his ex-fiancee after booking an entire fancy restaurant. It sparked rumors of a reunion.

The article came out on Wednesday, but the two dated last week. They took advantage of the A-match period. Rashford’s ex-marriage is Lucia Roy, who is the same age as Rashford at 26. The two got engaged in May last year. They were school friends at the age of 15, and fell in love with each other and became lovers. The two had been friends for nearly 10 years, but they separated once in January last year, met again, and got engaged in May.

Their love relationship was fine. When they injured their groin in March, they rented a chartered plane and flew to New York to enjoy their date. They also uploaded photos of them, showing off their sweet appearance. However, the trip to New York soon became a farewell trip because they broke up their marriage. 파칭코

Rashford and Roy got back together after about six months and enjoyed their date, The Sun reported. Rashford booked an entire 18-seat French wine bar cellar in Manchester. It was a special event just for her. A bottle of sparkling wine costs £950 at the bar, about W1.5 million, according to media reports.

According to a close aide who knows the two well, “the couple had a good time laughing and joking for hours,” and “the restaurant location is a great place, and Rashford booked the whole thing for just two people.”

However, it is not known whether the two have reunited. According to a source, Roy is not wearing a diamond engagement ring. However, fans hope the two will have a happy ending since they are engaged after dating for 10 years. If Rashford finds stability, Manchester United can naturally be ranked at the front of the Premier League table again.

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