3,213 athletes from 60 countries compete in Chuncheon, the center of taekwondo

The 2023 Chuncheon Corea Open International Taekwondo Championships, the largest ever held in Korea, kicked off on July 7 at the Chuncheon Lakeside Gymnasium.

Held under the slogan ‘I love Taekwondo, Let’s go to Chuncheon’, the opening ceremony was held at the Hovan Gymnasium with more than 5,000 athletes and spectators in attendance. The opening ceremony, which was divided into two parts: a Taekwondo Gala Show and the Opening Ceremony, was attended by Chuncheon Mayor Yuk Dong-han, Korean Taekwondo Association President Yang Jin-bang, Asian Taekwondo Federation President Lee Kyu-seok, Kukkiwon President Lee Dong-seop, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Governor Kim Jin-tae, Provincial Council Chairman Kwon Hyuk-yeol, Chuncheon City Council Chairman Kim Jin-ho, Army 2nd Corps Commander Jang Kwang-sun, Member of Parliament Heo Young, Member of Parliament Han Ki-ho, Member of Parliament No Yong-ho, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Superintendent of Education Neu Yong-ho, Taekwondo Promotion Foundation Chairman Lee Jong-gap, and WTF Secretary General Seo Jung-kang, Supramee Guptasa, Executive Director of the National Sports Promotion Foundation of Thailand, Dimitar Mikhailov, Vice President of the Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation, Datosri Datuk Lau Keng Cha, Count of Malaysia, Lee Seung Wan, Chairman of the Taekwondo Senate, Kim Se Hyuk, Director of the Kukkiwon Training Center, and Yang Hee Gu, Chairman of the Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province, Kyung Min-hyun Kyung, Vice President of Gangwon Min Ilbo, Heo In-gu, President of G1 Broadcasting, Kim Jong-kyu, President of Chuncheon MBC, Kim Dong-wook, President of Gangwon CBS, Park Jong-won, General Manager of KBS Chuncheon Broadcasting, city councilors, provincial councilors, and representatives from various city and provincial taekwondo associations were present to celebrate the opening.

“This tournament would not have been successful without the efforts of the Chuncheon Corea Open International Taekwondo Competition Organizing Committee and the city of Chuncheon,” said Chairman Yang Jin-bang in his welcome speech in English. “Although we are currently experiencing unusually hot weather, we plan to take all possible measures to ensure your safety and comfort.”

Mayor Yuk Dong-han said in his congratulatory remarks, “Chuncheon, a priority bidder for the World Taekwondo Federation headquarters and the host city of next year’s World Junior Taekwondo Championships, is undoubtedly the center of the world of taekwondo. We have accumulated more than 20 years of experience in organizing this tournament. Above all, it was made possible by the 300,000 citizens who love taekwondo.”

In English, Governor Kim Jin-tae said, “Taekwondo is now a global sport. More than 3,000 athletes from 60 countries have come to Chuncheon to practice taekwondo.” “The weather has been very hot lately, and we have prepared an air conditioning system for the competitors. I hope everyone can focus on the competition.”Meanwhile, 3,213 athletes and officials from 60 countries will compete in three events: Poomsae, grappling and grappling. This year’s tournament is the largest since its inaugural edition in 2000, and as it is an international event, foreign participants account for 48% (1,545) of the total number of participants. 토토

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