“600 million 1.3 billion won in a month”, “This woman” who sat on the money cushion with one victory

Lee Ye-won (20, KB Financial Group), who won the “Triple Crown” by ranking first in the grand prize, prize money king, and average at-bats this year, has become a so-called “jackpot” as the price of coins he received as prize money at the event competition soared.

In the second round on the last day of the competition held at Haeundae Beach Golf & Resort (par 72) in Gijang, Busan on the 19th of last month, Lee tied one eagle, five birdies, and one double bogey for 5-under 67. She beat runner-up Noh Seung-hee (22, 4-under) by one stroke, and became the first champion of the competition. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

The winner’s prize money is WEMIX, which is a virtual asset created by WEMIX, the organizer of the game. At the time, the price was 590 million won (about 2,360 won per game mix).

About a month later, the value of Lee Ye-won’s prize money has more than doubled. As of 10:17 p.m. on the same day, WeMix was trading at about 5405 won per unit. The amount of WeMix that Lee received as prize money is about 1.351 billion won.

However, Lee cannot immediately cash in on the WeMix she owns. Lee can sell the WeMix she owns starting around January next year. If the current price is maintained until then, the professional will be able to receive more than twice as much prize money as when she won the championship. “We can cash in the WeMix that Lee has from around January next year,” a WeMade official said. “It is up to the player’s will to sell the WeMix.”

The fact that WeMix is rising significantly every day is interpreted as reflecting expectations for its re-listing. In fact, on the 8th, a year after its delisting, Kovit re-listed WeMix. “We decided to support the re-listing as we determined that the reason for the termination of WeMix’s transaction support has been resolved,” Bithumb said in a notice on the 12th. Like Kovit, Bithumb seems to have pushed for a re-listing as the grace period for re-listing designated by the Digital Asset Exchange consultative body (DAC, DAXA) has been lifted.

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