A batting average of .300 hits a special hit at night… KIA’s top sniper didn’t just drop

After the match between KIA and LG at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 8th, the stadium was in the midst of preparing for a double header to be held from 2 p.m. the next day. There were a series of touches here and there to repair the ground and the stands as soon as possible.

However, KIA players, who had to rest in preparation for a double header the next day, came back to the ground. He picked up a bat in comfortable clothes. It was for a special hit. He came to the ground one by one, trained a little more on hitting, and finished his schedule on the day. Among these players, Ko Jong-wook (34) and Oh Sun-woo were the first to enter the special hit.

Oh is still a young player. There are not enough opportunities to go to the actual game. As much as you have physical strength left, you can make special hits to learn your batting sense. Ko Jong-wook is the opposite. He is a veteran in his mid-30s. On top of that, he is a talented player with a career batting average of 0.304 in 1,006 games in the first division of the KBO League. He is still showing off his strong skills in contact skills. Considering his age and performance, he is usually not a player worthy of being in a special at-bats. 카지노사이트

However, Ko Jong-wook was the first to come out and silently hit a batting ball to adjust the hitting sense. Sometimes I pulled it, sometimes I pushed it, sent it, and caught the timing. He talked affectionately with his juniors and led the rest of the training to a good atmosphere.

Ko Jong-wook is not the main player in the current KIA lineup. There are many good players in the outfield. Choi Hyung-woo is in the designated hitter position. Therefore, he is often put in as a substitute for right-handed opponents in the match. If there is no such match or the game tilts early, you may just watch the game from the dugout. That was the game on the 8th. The night’s special hit was Ko Jong-wook, who couldn’t play a single at-bat, trying to continue his batting sense.

Did Ko Jong-wook’s efforts shine. On the 9th, he made a proper accident in two games of LG and doubleheader. In both games, he contributed to the team’s victory with his great performance in producing RBIs at a decisive moment. It was a feat to sweep a doubleheader that could not be made without Ko Jong-wook.

In the first game, a chance came in the eighth inning, trailing 5-6. After one out, Kim Sun-bin and Lee Woo-sung hit and went out. With one out and runners on first and second base, the KIA bench put in Ko Jong-wook, who was cherished. And Ko Jong-wook accurately hit Yoo Young-chan’s fifth forkball and hit a timely hit to right field. The game is back to square one. After two outs, KIA scored the winning run during Park Chan-ho’s timely hit to finish the thrilling come-from-behind victory. It was LG who lost the first game ahead of the starting match-up.

In the second game, he turned the game around with another pinch hitter. In the fifth inning, when the team was trailing 3-5, KIA made a full base with no outs with Na Sung-bum, Socrates, and Kim Sun-bin hitting one after another. Here, LG changed the pitcher to Park Myung-geun and KIA changed the batter to Ko Jong-wook. Ko Jong-wook’s magic bat also scored a goal. It wasn’t a good hit, but he did his job by hitting a timely hit in the middle of crossing the infield. KIA, which brought the atmosphere, was able to reverse the game and bring the flow with Choi Hyung-woo’s come-from-behind grand slam, who was the next batter and another pinch hitter. This led to a 12-7 victory.

Ko Jong-wook has a batting average of 0.316 in 88 games this year. He had 61 hits, many of which came at a very decisive moment. He has five hits in the final this season. Among the teams, Choi Hyung-woo (14) and Na Sung-bum (6). In the last five games, he played as a pinch hitter, and he dominated all of the critical hits with a terrifying batting sense of four hits in five at-bats.

In fact, it is difficult for pinch hitter to continue his batting sense steadily. Players who play in the game can naturally focus on the rhythm of the game. However, the substitute sitting in the dugout cannot participate 100% in this trend, so it is difficult to maintain concentration. It’s not as easy as you think to be ready for an opportunity that you don’t know when. On top of that, it is impossible to maintain the sense of practice at 100% as it only plays one or two at-bats in each game.

However, Ko Jong-wook is overcoming it with thorough preparation, study, and concentration. Know exactly what you need to do and move. Ko Jong-wook said after the doubleheader on the 9th, “It was effective to analyze the opposing pitcher during the game.” This means that he continued to check which pitchers would come from the opponent and continue to draw the situation to select some players. In some ways, it can also be seen as a veteran’s potential.

Ko Jong-wook, who led the doubleheader sweep, said, “I’m glad that the team made a foothold for victory by entering as a pinch hitter and creating an RBI at the moment when the score was needed. “I thank the coach for trusting me and giving me the opportunity at an important moment,” he said with a smile, “I think I was able to win because all the players didn’t give up and didn’t lose their concentration in the chance situation.” “I think it’s a more valuable victory because everyone did their best,” he said. Even at this time, KIA’s special sniper may be staring at the next target while analyzing it.

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