“After Lee Jung-hee, I’m going to San Diego for 40 million dollars for 4 years.” Huh? The minimum amount? SF must be a lot. Unexpected expectation

Bleacher Report predicted the destinations and ransom of major FA players in the 2023-2024 Major League after Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Dodgers) was decided on the 11th (Korea time). Lee Jung-hoo (25) expected to head to the San Diego Padres for four years and $40 million.

The San Francisco Giants took the initiative in recruiting Lee Jung-hoo. However, the New York Yankees acquired Juan Soto and Trent Grisham through a trade with the San Diego Padres. Fernando Tatis Jr. is the only major member of the San Diego outfield.

Therefore, the U.S. media before and after Ohtani’s contract sees that there is no better card than Lee Jung-hoo to reinforce the outfield for San Diego, which has a pay-cut stance. One of Lee Jung-hoo’s advantages is the relatively low amount. However, there are variables that require posting to Kiwoom Heroes. Major League clubs include Lee Jung-hoo in their ransom up to this point.

Against this backdrop, Bleacher Report’s forecast of 40 million dollars stands out. This is because it is the smallest amount of money in all the articles that predicted Lee Jung-hoo’s ransom this fall. “There is an interesting bat in the international market as well. San Diego is actively cutting costs this offseason. The transfer of Soto and Grisham has created a huge gap in the outfield,” Bleacher Report said.

In the meantime, Bleacher Report said, “It is possible for Lee Jung-hoo to play with Kim Ha-sung, who played well in the KBO, in terms of soft adaptation in the United States.” In fact, Kim Ha-sung is the advantage that San Diego can put forward the most. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

However, San Francisco is still chasing after Lee Jung-hoo. Needless to say, it is San Francisco’s love of Lee Jung-hoo. The market is driven by demand and supply, and if San Francisco’s offensive is strong, the actual ransom could exceed 40 million U.S. dollars. The U.S. media predicted Lee Jung-hoo’s ransom in the FA market would be 50 to 85 million dollars.

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