All 8 appearances with 323.4 billion contracts… 2019 WS MVP, who has fallen to the worst “eat and run”, daily media “rogue bonds”

The player mentioned on Sunday is veteran right-hander Steven Strasburg who played for the Washington Nationals. He was once an ace in Washington, but became the worst “eat and run” since signing a free agent contract.

Strasburg underwent Tommy John surgery 12 games after his MLB debut in 2010. Injuries have often hampered him. In 2012, however, he started all 28 games, recording 15 wins (six losses) and an ERA of 3,16. 사설 토토사이트

In 2013, he won eight games and lost nine with a 3.00 ERA in 30 games. Although he failed to accumulate double-digit wins, he earned more than 10 wins every year from 2014 to 2019.

He was named an All-Star in the National League in 2012, 2016 and 2017, and posted the most wins (six losses) as an individual in 2019. His ERA stood at 3.32. He also gave Washington the first World Series trophy since its inception. He also became the MVP of the World Series.

Washington became a free agent after making such achievements. Washington offered Strasburg a seven-year contract worth 245 million U.S. dollars. Then Washington and Strasburg began to accompany each other. However, their performance after signing the free agent contract was disastrous.

He pitched in only two games in 2020, posting one loss without a win and an ERA of 10.80. In 2021, he pitched in five games, recording one win and two losses and an ERA of 4.57. In 2022, he pitched in one game and suffered a loss. His ERA is 13.50, and he has never pitched in a single game this year. He only pitched in eight games since his FA contract.

Eventually, he decided to retire in August, but the club even canceled the retirement ceremony due to the remaining salary of $105 million (about 140.1 billion won). Strasburg asked for all the remaining salary, which is why he reportedly fell out with the club.

The Japanese media “Full Count” pointed out, “There is also an advantage of preventing the leakage of key players with long-term contracts, but there is also a disadvantage of becoming a “rogue bond” if they fail to perform.”

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