Attorney Chong Kyong-sok, who specializes in entertainment industry law, speaks during an interview at The Korea Times headquarters, Jan. 11. Korea Times photo by Do Hien Thao

In a landmark case for K-pop, Jang Won-young of K-pop act IVE recently won a civil lawsuit against the controversial YouTuber Sojang, renowned for disseminating derogatory content about celebrities.This achievement is slotplayground particularly significant as it marks a successful legal outcome against a YouTuber, a notable challenge due to their potential anonymity shielded by international platforms.Sojang’s channel targeted Jang as one of its primary victims. The rumors about the idol included baseless claims such as Jang’s “uninvited presence at one of Miu Miu’s fashion shows” and that “Jang’s jealousy resulted in ousting a prearranged IVE member.”The YouTuber’s continued production of malicious content prompted Jang’s team to pursue legal action in the United States to disclose the YouTuber’s identity, and the effort ultimately succeeded in unveiling the person behind the channel, a woman in her 30s surnamed Park.This legal stride was achieved with the expertise of attorney Chong Kyong-sok from LIWU Law Group. Chong, a seasoned professional known for his numerous cases in the entertainment industry, shared insights into the case during an interview at The Korea Times headquarters in January.”A prime issue in this case was the inability to determine the identity of the YouTuber essential to file the lawsuit,” the attorney explained. “The YouTuber’s personal data was stored on Google’s overseas servers, making it harder to access the needed information. We 슬롯게이밍 obviously cannot file a search warrant against foreign companies.”

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