Azul: Joker Tiles Game

Azul is a tile laying game that requires tactical adjustments each round to be successful. To score well in this variant the player must control an action board in addition to their player board where most of the scoring occurs. The player must try to achieve a scoring goal after, at most, 8 rounds have been played. This variant has been playtested extensively to ensure that it will provide a satisfying solo gaming experience. Azul is definitely an abstract game at heart but the production quality alone really makes you think that maybe you are a part of a design team for a palace. Maybe you are trying to piece together the perfect tiled wall for your benefactor. Azul has more of a thematic setting than Santorini, Patchwork, Blokus, or Photosynthesis, which may not be saying much as the bar is set exceedingly low for abstract strategy games, but at least there is something here that at least feels like you’re doing more than shuffling colored tiles around. Add all of that with the mechanic for losing points due to dropping tiles and the theme is a touch above transparent. 온라인카지노

Placing Tiles

The placing of tiles onto each board is performed just as it is using the normal rules. Take all tiles of a color and place them into a single pattern line next to the respective wall display.

Excess tiles: If by taking tiles all cannot fit into the line or the player does not want to place them, the tiles are moved to the floor line of the player board or possibly to the penalty row of the action board.

If the excess is from the action board, one tile of your choice is added to the leftmost open position in the penalty row and the remaining tile(s) are placed into the floor line of the player board.
If the excess is from the player board, a tile is moved to the penalty row only if 2 or more cannot be placed. Otherwise, add the single tile to the player floor line.


  1. Retrieve 2 player boards and place on the table separately and accessible for play. One board will be referred to as the action board and should be placed with the tile pattern faceup. The player board (scoring board) can be placed with either side faceup.
  2. Place all 100 tiles (all tiles other than the “1” tile into the bag).
  3. Retrieve 5 factory display tiles and place them in a line (designate each 1-5)
  4. Draw 4 tiles to place on each of the factory displays, in order 1-5. a) If 4 of a type is drawn, return one to the bag and draw until a different type is drawn.
  5. Fill the penalty row (floor line of the action board) from left to right by drawing the indicated number of tiles from the bag in the order drawn based on the game level: a) Easy Game: Draw 5 tiles b) Normal Game: Draw 6 tiles c) Expert Game: Draw 7 tiles.
    Note: If a 3rd tile of a color is drawn, set it aside and draw a replacement. Once the number of tiles has been placed, put all tiles set aside back into the bag.
  6. Place the action board scoring tile: a) Draw one tile from the bag, note its color and return it to the bag. b) Place the scoring tile onto one of the 9 center squares of the action board (non-edge) that matches the tile color drawn.
  7. Retrieve one scoring marker and place it on the indicated space based on the game level: Easy or Normal Game: 20 Expert Game: 15 (optional, for a harder game)

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