Barcelona, Inter Milan, Manchester United’s ‘three-way race’ Wow!

Spanish media “Football España” reported on the 6th, “Barcelona, which has been looking for outstanding 10 talents, not big stars for the past two years, recently paid attention to Swedish midfielder Lucas Veribal.”

Swedish midfielder Beribal, who was born in 2006, is drawing attention from big European clubs even though he is only 17 years old. While playing for Sweden’s Jurgorden IF this season, he has already played in 28 matches and scored three goals and one assist.

Regarding Verbal, who is young but in good physical condition at 187 centimeters tall, the media explained, “Verival is suitable for Barcelona in that he rarely misses passes,” adding, “His sight, pass, and fast feet to beat defenders at tremendous speed are factors that European elite clubs have included him on the radar.”

He is also a hot topic of conversation among soccer fans because he is handsome. Barcelona, Manchester United, and Inter Milan are reportedly fiercely competing to recruit Verbal, who has the potential to become a next-generation soccer star. Among them, Inter Milan has already made an official offer.

“Inter Milan has made an official offer to Beribal, but the competition for his recruitment is not yet over,” the media quoted Spain’s “Lelevo” said. “We are interested in Manchester United, and Barcelona has contacted Beribal and his agent.”

“Verival is known to be attracted to the future of being able to play for Barcelona,” he said, adding, “All stages of Barcelona’s transfer will take place from January next year.”

“Jugorden, who signed a contract with Veribal until 2025, may consider selling it in January 2024 or summer, but he may sign a longer contract if he can persuade him in February when he turns 18,” he said.

Inter Milan delivered the official offer, but with Barcelona attempting to intercept, Veribal is known to be a big Manchester United fan since childhood, and his next destination fell into the fog. 카지노사이트 순위

Veribal showed that he was a Manchester United fan when he posted a photo of himself in a Manchester United uniform when he was young on his SNS, and even participated in the Manchester United tryouts in 2021. At that time, Verbal was tested to join Juventus and Bayern Munich in addition to Manchester United, but he joined Swedish club Bromapoicarna and made his first-team debut at the young age of 16.

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