Benefits of Italian Online Casino

The largest and most consistent vertical in digital gambling is the casino, which has earned nearly 163 million euros. This represents a 6% increase over December 2020 and three consecutive months of growth. Overall, casino activity and slots accounted for 48.5% of the total GGR.

The second dominant vertical line was a bet. Online earnings shaped the overall impact as land-based locations closed throughout January. Online bookmakers, which account for nearly 42.8% of the total GGR, reported revenue of about 143.6 million euros. In December 2020, the results were significantly better at 177 million euros, down 23% from the previous month.

Total Gaming Revenue (GGR) in Italy’s licensed gambling sector in January 2021 still looks good despite a 7% month-on-month drop. Thus, January ranks second in the most profitable month’s rating, outpacing third by nearly 30%. Nearly 336 million euros were collected in January, compared with 359 million euros in December and 259 million euros in November (the third position month).

Poker tournaments and card games also increased by an average of 6 percent. Thus, the poker tournament raised 13 million euros (12.2 million euros in December) in January, while digital cash poker play earned 88 million euros (8.3 million euros in the previous month). 경마사이트프로

Bingo was fairly stable compared to the previous month. This vertical revenue increased by about 2% to EUR 7.65 million from EUR 7.5 million.

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