Bet365, Incentive Game Score Prediction Game World Cup Excitement Rises

bet365, the world’s largest online betting brand, has partnered with iGaming supplier Incentive Games to launch the daily forecast game ‘4 Scores’ and raise expectations for the 2022 Football World Cup.

bet365 decided to raise the soccer fever that is shaking the world these days ahead of the opening of the World Cup. The famous operator joined hands with a long-term supplier to launch the competition’s daily prediction game, the ‘4 Score Challenge.’ 슬롯머신

The partnership between bet365 and Incentive Games, the industry’s premium free-play game leader, is another collaboration between two brands with extensive knowledge of mutual requirements and common goals. The latest result of this knowledge is the “four-point challenge” based on the principle that bet365 successfully launched the “six-point challenge” at the start of the 2022/23 Premier League season, with hundreds of thousands of players participating in the prediction challenge each week.

This “four-point challenge” is an event that pays prizes to players who predict four points per game day, and pays £250 every day to players who predict four points during the World Cup. However, players need to get four points to get the prize, so they don’t have to get four points to qualify for the prize. Likewise, a player who scores two points will receive 2.50 pounds every day.

This innovative new game gives soccer fans the opportunity to enjoy every day of the World Cup and make it more exciting. As the tournament begins, teams with different odds of winning each day enter the World Cup, so players will have various options to make their day-to-day predictions and bring their game experience to a boiling point.

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