Betano Becomes Aston Villa’s Key Partner On Recent UK Movements

Aston Villa are currently fourth in the Premier League and are in the semi-finals of the Europa Conference League. The club will display the Betano logo on their shirts from the 2024-25 season, with a two-year deal currently agreed.

The Betano and Midlands club’s deal came after the company announced its sponsorship of the Euro 2024 and Copa America 2024 tournaments. Both of these begin in June. Chris Heck, president of business operations at Aston Villa, praised the exciting potential of the deal.

Heck said, “Aston Villa and Betano share a commitment to excellence. We look forward to seeing great success together, both on and off the field. This collaboration is an exciting chapter for both our organizations.”

George Daskalakis, founder and chief executive of Kaizen Gaming, added: “Along with the return to European football, Aston Villa’s incredible on-the-field success in the Premier League coincides with Betano’s growth and continued performance.”

Betano enters UK with Aston Villa deal 파워볼실시간

Betano’s new major partner sponsorship of Aston Villa comes after the brand announced its launch in the UK. This will be done through a partnership between Kaizen Gaming and provider BV Group.

Betano will be launched in the UK ahead of Euro 2024 in Germany. The brand has already been established in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Julio Iglesias Hernando, chief commercial officer at Kaizen, said, “It’s challenging to enter one of the largest regulated online gaming markets in the world.

“To be successful, you need a great partner. It’s like competing in the Premier League. Finding the right partner has been our top priority. This is exactly what we’ve done with the well-established and reputable BVG group. We’re confident our partnership in the UK will be a success.”

Full sponsorship prohibited from 2026
It was announced in April 2023 that Premier League clubs had agreed to stop sponsoring gambling companies for the front of the club’s shirts.

However, the ban will not be imposed until the 2026-27 season. Until then, the best clubs in the U.K., such as Aston Villa, are free to advertise gambling companies on the front of their shirts.

Villa were criticised for their supporters’ trust when the club announced a major partnership with BK8 after announcing a ban on future sponsorship in June last year.

The Aston Villa Supporters Trust called the move a “tragic last-minute attempt” to win financial rewards from gambling sponsorship, ignoring the potential impact of gambling damage.

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