Brokerage Morgan Stanley Asia Ltd says the market is “convenient” to see Macau visitor numbers return to pre-COVID levels, but says spending per visitor is “unknown.” The comments follow a recent visit to Macau by securities analysts.

“The ease of travel between Hong Kong and Macau is similar to pre-COVID levels,” analysts Pravin Choudhary, Gareth Leung and Stephen Grambling wrote in a note on Sunday.

The Morgan Stanley team roamed the casino floors of a number of Macau properties on Thursday and Saturday nights, noting that most “Kotai casinos have at least 60% tables,” according to the memo.

“The minimum bet on the peninsula was typically MOP500 [US$62.20] and for Kotai, MOP2,000 was higher than our expectation given its low utilization,” the analysts said.

“We believe this will help us acquire productivity figures, tables and daily productivity figures for the second half of 2023 and 2024,” they added. 경마

In a brief accompanying audio, Mr. Chudhari said the agency learned during a visit to Macau that Junket was “not capitalizing on premium-quality [customers], but only for a handful of VIPs who were playing in popular areas.” They accounted for “a small percentage of all mass market businesses,” he added.

Macau has lifted most travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic since Jan. 8, removing all inspection requirements for arrivals from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Mainland Chinese authorities have also drastically eased travel restrictions with Hong Kong and Macau since Jan. 8, lifting most COVID-19 controls.

Macau is gradually resuming many transport services between cities and Hong Kong, as well as connections to cities in mainland China. The Morgan Stanley team said the frequency of passenger ships and buses between Macau and Hong Kong could “multiple times increase.”

“Land travel via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge could easily bring more traffic than in 2018,” it added.

More than 153,000 visitors entered Macau from Friday to Sunday, with an average of just over 51,000 visitors arriving in Macau over the three days. According to official data, the city recorded its highest daily visitor arrivals on Saturday since the local COVID-19 outbreak in mid-June last year, with 55,845.

According to a Macau government estimate in 2019, the city can only accommodate up to 40 million visitors a year. But later, “Macao added 15 percent of casino rooms, expanded capacity to other immigration channels, and introduced high-speed stations,” Morgan Stanley said.

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