As Busan prepares to host the 106th National Sports Games in 2025, the city is struggling to find stadiums for some events .According to the city on Tuesday, there will be 49 sports at the Games, including two demonstration events. However, as of December, the city had not finalized venues for three sports, including sports climbing, squash, and rugby .For sport climbing, an artificial rock wall in Dongnae-gu was considered, but of the three disciplines of sport climbing – lead, bouldering, and speed – only lead is available. The city, in consultation with the competent ward office, planned to expand the venue and use it for the Games, but concluded that it was not possible to expand the venue due to the cultural property protection zone. Instead, the city is considering building a six-sided squash stadium on the site.

The city is also looking for a sports climbing venue, and is planning to build an artificial rock climbing wall in the central plaza of Sajik Sports Complex that can host international competitions. In addition, rugby stadiums must be equipped with natural grass, but there is still no suitable place in the Busan area. Busan hasn’t hosted a comprehensive event since the 81st National Games in 2000 and the 2002 Asian Games. For this reason, the stadium standards have changed over the years, and some facilities are old and in need of complete renovation. The roller rink in Sahagu is scheduled to be completely renovated as it has been confirmed as an inline skating venue. “Even if some sports, such as the Changwon Shooting Range in Gyeongnam, utilize venues in other regions, we will try to arrange venues in Busan as much as possible,” said a city official .The 106th National Games will be held from Oct. 17 to 24, 2025, and the 45th National Paralympic Games will 스포츠토토존 be held from Oct. 31 to Nov. 6 of the same month.

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