Chelsea shock decision, no sale of ‘£120m duo’

Even the worst inefficiency hasn’t stopped him from hoping for the future. Chelsea are unlikely to sell ‘the 100 million euro man’, Mikhail Mkhitaryan. The same goes for Noni Madueke.

The British Press Express reported on June 24 that “Chelsea could be forced to sell players in the transfer market this summer. Overspending is blamed. However, Mourinho and Madueke are not planning to sell,” the Express reported.

Born in 2001, Mourinho joined Chelsea in the winter transfer window in January 2023. His transfer fee is a whopping €100 million. 카지노사이트 That’s €70 million in transfer fees and €30 million in bonuses. However, he hasn’t lived up to expectations. In total, he scored only six goals in 52 games for Chelsea.

Madueke, born in 2002, also joined Chelsea in January 2023.

He has scored seven goals in 39 games. However, he has recently been involved in penalty controversies. On Sept. 16, he challenged Everton to a penalty kick in their 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) home game. The penalty was awarded by Cole Palmer, but Madueke insisted on taking the penalty after a tussle with Nicholas Jackson.

‘Chelsea have invested close to £120 million in Mourinho and Madueke,’ says the Express. Chelsea may be forced to sell some players due to regulations on revenue and sustainability. However, journalist Ben Jacobs refuted this. According to Jacobs, 토토사이트 추천 the Blues are keeping Mourinho and Maduque because they still believe they can improve significantly over the next few years.

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