Choi Soon-ho, Suwon FC general manager, “Big Bird Gong Yoo, please be considerate of ‘big brother’ Suwon fans.”

If the fans of Suwon Samsung, a prestigious traditional club, treat their ‘younger brother’, Suwon FC, who has just turned 10 years old, as their ‘big brother’, wouldn’t it be a step forward for Suwon citizens and, by extension, Korean soccer fans? ?”Suwon FC general manager Choi Soon-ho said this in a phone call with Yonhap News on the 21st and appealed to Suwon Samsung fans of professional soccer K League 2 to ‘share the use of Big Bird (Suwon World Cup Stadium).’Suwon FC, which uses Suwon Sports Complex, has been suffering from old facilities and poor viewing environments.Suwon Stadium has been installing temporary home bleachers due to limited visibility from the spectator seats behind both goals.Away fans had to watch the game from a distance from the ground, and there were even no wheelchair stands in the away team’s stands.

Convenience facilities inside the stadium for visitors are also poor, with ‘squatting’ toilets still taking up a lot of space in the restrooms. Various game operation facilities, such as the ball boy’s waiting room and visiting team’s locker room, are also at a level that can hardly be considered that of the first division of the ‘Asian Big League’.As Suwon FC shared Suwon Sports Complex with women’s soccer team Suwon FC Women, Suwon FC had difficulty securing a training location.Accordingly, Suwon FC is exploring an alternative to using Suwon’s home stadium, Suwon World Cup Stadium, like ‘two families under one roof’.There are no procedural obstacles.The operator of Suwon World Cup Stadium is not Suwon Club, but the Suwon World Cup Stadium 온라인카지노 Management Foundation.

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