Coach Henri asks director Hwang Sun-hong to shake hands

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann, will play its second Group C match against China at the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, China, at 9 p.m. on the 21st (Korea time).

South Korea beat Singapore 5-0 in the first round at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 16th to rank first in Group C. On the same day, China won 2-1 away to Thailand and placed second. If South Korea wins this match against China, it can easily maintain its No. 1 position.

A day before the game, the national team’s training was held at the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen. The Korea Football Association focused on the national team’s training and released it on video. As he entered the stadium, Lee Kang-in said, “Chinese stadiums are all similar. This is a cat…It’s like Goyang Sports Complex,” he said. 카지노사이트 순위

Lee Kang-in previously played at the Hangzhou Asian Games in Hangzhou, China from September to October and led South Korea to the championship. At that time, the Korean U-24 national team played at Jinhwa Stadium and Hwanglong Sports Center. Both were sports grounds with track and field tracks. The Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center, where the Korea-China game will be held, is also a sports complex.

Lee Kang-in tries to score in four consecutive games. Lee Kang-in’s first A-match score came in a friendly A-match against Tunisia (4-0 win) held in Korea in October. Lee Kang-in started against Tunisia and scored two goals. He also scored one goal and one assist in the match against Vietnam (6-0 win) four days later.

It didn’t stop there. He also scored in the match against Singapore (5-0 win) on the 16th of this month. He scored Korea’s fifth goal with a cool left-footed mid-range shot in the 40th minute of the second half when he was leading 4-0. As such, Lee Kang-in has been on the rise by scoring goals in three consecutive recent A-matches.

Expectations are high for Lee Kang-in. After the match against Singapore, coach Klinsmann said, “Lee Kang-in has grown remarkably in the last six to eight months. I was happy to watch it. Lee Kang-in not only dribbles and assists, but also dedicates himself defensively and uses great energy. Expectations are getting higher and higher,” he said.

Son Heung-min, the captain of the Korean national team, said, “As a soccer player like me, it’s fun to see Kangin grow up. There is enough ability to grow further. “Many people should help me not to feel burdened,” he said, watching the youngest’s growth with pride.

More than 40,000 spectators will enter the Korea-China game. According to local reports, 40,000 seats at the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center were sold out in an hour. Son Heung-min said, “The whole crowd will be here tomorrow. Let’s make it hard to breathe,” he said, vowing to win.

Korea and China are far ahead with 21 wins, 13 draws, and 2 losses. In particular, South Korea has won all three times in the past four years. He has scored six goals in these three games and has not conceded a single goal. The 2022 EAFF E-1 Championship in July last year, which was the previous showdown, won 3-0 at the East Asian Cup 0. South Korea looks ahead to its 22nd win against China.

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