Courtesy of ‘Volleyball Seniors’ by 3 years

The two coaches met in a match between IBK Industrial Bank of Korea and Pepper Savings Bank in the ‘2012-2022 Dodram V League’ held at Hwaseong Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province on the afternoon of the 6th.

Coach Kim Hyung-sil is the first coach of Gwangju Pepper Savings Bank to join women’s professional volleyball from the 201-2022 season
He returned to the helm after about 15 years. He is the oldest among V-League coaches.

Head coach Kim Hyung-sil joined the Korean Air Volleyball Team in 1971, served as a midopa coach and a national women’s volleyball coach, and served as a national coach of Taekwang Industrial, Korea Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation, and women’s volleyball.

Coach Kim Ho-chul, who was appointed as the new head coach of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, which was cluttered by the Cho Song-hwa incident, will return to the field six years after Hyundai Capital’s retirement in 2015.

Nicknamed the “computer setter,” coach Kim Ho-chul is a leading star player who won the league’s best foreign player and best player awards in Italy, the world’s top volleyball league. He served as the head coach of Cheonan Hyundai Capital, Rush & Cash, and the South Korean national volleyball team.

Head coach Kim Ho-chul is the second oldest head coach after Kim Hyung-sil, head coach of Gwangju Pepper Savings Bank. 메이저 토토사이트

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, which won three consecutive games on the 6th, was firmly determined to repay the 3-0 loss to Pepper Savings Bank on January 18.

In the greeting before the game, the two coaches held hands and shared words of blessing, not warm greetings. Coach Kim Ho-chul expressed his respect for the senior volleyball player by giving a light bow even after shaking hands.

In the game, IBK Industrial Bank of Korea won the shutout with a set score of 3-0 (25-18 25-23 25-17).

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, which is strong at home, has won three of its last four consecutive games at home. Santana’s great performance stood out in the match against Pepper Savings Bank. Santana made an unrivaled attack with a success rate of 58.82% with 24 points, including one blocking score, while Kim Hee-jin scored 11 points, including two blocking points and one serve score.

After the game, coach Kim Ho-chul showed more kindness to coach Kim Hyung-sil. For a moment, he forgot the joy of victory and greeted coach Kim Hyung-sil from afar. He seemed to have the utmost courtesy for the senior in the volleyball world.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea is seeking its first five consecutive wins of the season, recovering its stability with solid organizational power and players’ efforts after Kim Ho-chul took office.

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