‘Did he sign a new contract with big plans already in place?

‘Did he sign a new contract with big plans already in place?

Manchester City star Bernardo Silva, 30, is actively seeking to leave the club in the summer transfer window. His destination is Spanish Primera Liga giants Barcelona. He even has a release clause in his contract to make it easier for Barcelona to take him. He could leave City for as little as £50 million.

‘Man City superstar Silva’s time at City has come to an end as he has asked to leave the club,’ British media outlet TeamTalk reported on April 24 (KST). Silva joined City in 2017 and has been a key player for the club for seven seasons. In fact, the club had a stellar record during Silva’s time at the club. They’ve won five league titles in seven seasons, and are looking to win a sixth this season.

Having been such an integral part of the team, Silva is now looking to leave the club, and it looks very likely. For one thing, 스포츠토토 Silva himself wants to leave City, where he“s achieved everything, for a new challenge. Also, he”s very keen on joining Barcelona. Finally, his family would love to live in a new environment.

“For these three reasons, there is a strong possibility that Silva will leave City for Barcelona,” said Team Talk. There”s also a condition that could make the move easier. That’s the release clause he signed last year.

Silva extended his contract with City until 2026 in August last year.

At the time, big clubs, including Barcelona, were bidding hard for him.

City were determined to keep Silva at the club, and by signing the extension, they succeeded in keeping the ‘house rabbit’ for now. But there were still embers. Silva’s representatives had included a release clause of around £50 million in his contract, citing the possibility of a future falling out with the club.

At the time, it was not expected that the clause would be triggered immediately. However, a year later, it turns out that this clause could be the driving force behind Silva’s move. Any club, not just Barcelona, can make a move for Silva once they have £50 million to spend. 슬롯사이트 순위 Barcelona may be cash-strapped, but it’s not impossible for them to spend £50 million on a player of Silva’s caliber.

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