“Did you think you wouldn’t get caught?” Diaz said, “Excluding foreign substances.” It’s a disgrace

Edwin Diaz (30, New York Mets), the “most expensive closer” who recently returned from injury and recorded three consecutive scoreless games, was sent off for using foreign substances.

The New York Mets played an away game against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois, on the 24th (Korea time).

On the day, Diaz tried to take the mound to protect his team’s victory in the ninth inning when the New York Mets were leading 5-2. He took the mound with a relatively comfortable three-run gap. 토토사이트 추천

However, Diaz was pointed out about the use of foreign substances in the referee’s palm test before taking the mound. Diaz’s palm was quite spotty in the game camera.

In the end, Diaz was ejected. Afterwards, he allowed two thirds of New York Mets Drew Smith and one third of Jake Deakman to keep a three-run lead.

Major League Baseball is conducting foreign substance tests on pitchers regardless of starting and saving. If there is a foreign substance in the hand as well as the glove, he or she will be sent off.

The New York Mets and Diaz couldn’t have known this. However, when the referee conducted the examination, Diaz’s palms and fingers were quite stained with foreign substances.

Diaz is expected to be suspended due to the latest exit. The highest-paid closing pitcher has no such disgrace.

Diaz, who is in his eighth year in the Major League, has been on the injured list after being sluggish this season, and has pitched stably since his recent return.

He pitched 23 innings in 23 games of the season until last Wednesday, recording 2-1 with seven saves, two holds, four blon saves and an ERA of 4.70. He has 33 strikeouts.

Recently, he seemed to recover his reputation by allowing no runs in three consecutive games after returning from injury. However, he was disgraced due to the discovery of foreign substances.

Meanwhile, the New York Mets won the game 5-2 amid harmony between pitching and hitting. Starter Luis Severino won the game with 10 strikeouts and six scoreless innings.

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