Director Ryu Ji-hyun, the changed ‘Kkotdol’…What’s the change to solve “KS’s long-cherished desire for victory”?

On the 8th, LG Twins manager Ryu Ji-hyun showed a changed appearance at the “2022 Spring Camp” held at LG Champions Spa in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do.

LG manager Ryu Ji-hyun was a former shortstop for the LG Twins and served as a defensive coach and head coach for the LG Twins. He also served as a defensive coach and head coach for the South Korean national baseball team. He is also a franchise star and one-clubman who has reached the manager through players and coaches only in LG Twins.

Coach Ryu Ji-hyun also has a big concern. LG has not won the Korean Series since 1994. Ryu Ji-hyun is making a lot of changes in 2022 to solve his long-cherished desire to win the Korean Series for the first time in 28 changes in 2022. 온라인경마

LG manager Ryu Ji-hyun said in his first training, “The members were qualitatively full. I feel like everyone prepared well this year,” he said his first impression.

In the training session held on the 8th, coach Ryu Ji-hyun directly hit the players with a pungo. He conducted passionate training with other coaches. There were times when the coach hit Fungo himself, but Ryu Ji-hyun, a former shortstop, passed on his professional know-how directly to the players.

And what has changed noticeably is the atmosphere. Coach Ryu Ji-hyun raised the atmosphere of the training ground by mentioning fighting and names in a loud voice to instill confidence in the players.

Coach Ryu Ji-hyun, who signed a two-year contract with LG, has passed his first year in regret, and his last term, 2022, has now begun. He renewed his contract with Kim Hyun-soo to win the championship, and “Blue Blood” Park Hae-min also wore an LG Yunim form as FA. In addition, catcher Huh Do-hwan, bullpen pitcher Kim Jin-sung, and foreign players Plutko and Ruiz also joined.

LG has advanced to autumn baseball for the past three consecutive years, but it has collapsed in a row in the semi-playoff, failing to advance to the Korean Series, the team’s long-cherished desire. Coach Ryu Ji-hyun and the players are sweating again today what will happen in 2022.

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